COVERGIRL Makeup (Before + After)

While I’m definitely not a beauty blogger by any means. I love watching Youtube videos of beauty gurus applying gorgeous makeup, but I’m just not quite that skilled.
Because of this, I’ve been following more or less the same makeup routine since I started wearing makeup every day in college. I like a very natural look. In the past, I’ve always steered away from foundation and gravitated towards tinted moisturizer. 
COVERGIRL sent me a selection of their Clean Oil Control Liquid Makeup to try. My fears of foundation were put to rest when I started using the product. Because of the special formula, it’s silky and goes on perfectly smooth without getting cakey or irritating your skin. (It passed my white collar shirt test with flying colors– it stays where I want it to, my face, and not the shirt!) 
If you’re not sure where to even start (like me!), you can use COVERGIRL’s Embrace Your Face makeup finder to figure out which product is right for you and your skin based on your needs and wants… in 30 seconds! It’s super simple and takes out the guesswork.
I’m never going to be one of those girls who contours her face. I want to look like myself, just with fewer red marks and splotchiness. This is the perfect foundation. It provides great coverage and can be “layered” if you have trouble spots that need extra support.
Here I am before… 
And after:
Photos by Bekka Palmer
In the after photo, I used the foundation in Buff Beige as the base. Then I added swipes of bronzer and blush on my cheeks, eyebrow touch-up, eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss! My favorite kind of natural look. Feel free to right click the image to zoom in and see how well the coverage is! I love that the circles under my eyes look quite a bit brighter, but you can still see the freckles on my nose!
Dr. Sarah Vickery, COVERGIRL’s Principal Scientist, explains the science behind the foundation in this video below:

Thank you COVERGIRL for sponsoring this post!
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Kim Topolewski

I use to use that foundation in high school and college! My skin changed a lot after I graduated and so I've had to move onto different formulas/brands, but I really liked that when I used it!

And the natural look is always the best. I'll never know how to actually contour, so I just don't do it. 🙂


Audrey Lin

This is the kind of beauty tutorial I need! I also subscribe to a bunch of YouTube vloggers although I have no intent of buying the products they use or trying out the looks myself haha. It's way too much work for a morning routine! This, though, is perfect 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Jordyn Brown

I've been using this foundation for as long as I can remember & although I always say how I want to graduate to a "big girl" foundation, I keep going back to this one because it's so light on my face & leaves me feeling natural but like the best version of myself 🙂

xoxo, SS

The Southern Stylista