I know what you’re thinking by the title of the post. A cropped top?! But yes. This crop top is not like most though. It’s so chic and pairs well with high waisted bottoms, which happen to be available in abundance right now. I have a super long torso, so this top is extra cropped on me. I personally don’t mind showing the sliver of skin, but just keep in mind that you may get more coverage depending on your torso length.

I love the simplicity of pairing the cropped top with a pair of breezy linen pants. Both of the pieces feel a little structured with the collar of the shirt and pleats of the pants, but don’t feel stuffy at all. An ideal summer weekend look. (The bucket hat is also so cute.)


A couple of weeks ago, I was looking through my closet for a top to wear with these high-waisted shorts. I originally put on a t-shirt but wasn’t completely in love. I didn’t want to tuck a shirt into the shorts. The cropped top ended up being perfect and I felt cute. Probably cuter than was necessary for a day at the playground. But here we are. Sneakers are a must for keeping up with a toddler, but I think it could be fun to wear a pair of espadrilles for a more elevated look, too.


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