I’ve been having so much more fun with makeup lately. I’ve always stuck to a pretty minimal routine– partly out of laziness and not wanting to spend a ton of time every morning doing makeup and partly because I don’t like the look of wearing too much makeup in general. Minimal makeup just works for my lifestyle! During the pandemic I went so minimal that I barely wore any makeup…. and after years of wearing the same brands, I was kind of ready to mix things up? Or at least experiment a bit more.

Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately as my everyday makeup routine!

First, I want to say how obsessed I am with these Weezie toiletry bags. I have both sizes. The small is perfect for all my makeup products, including brushes. And the large is amazing for holding all my hair products (even my AirWrap or my blowdryer!) and extra things, too.

UNSEEN SUNSCREEN // This has become a go-to for me. I wear sunscreen every day (even without makeup), but one thing that I really love about this one is that it goes on so clear and has the best finish. It serves as a nice primer for foundations!

ILIA HYDRATING LIP BALM // This is technically a lip balm and I wear it as a lipstick. I love the colors of Ilia lip colors. All of them look amazing on. Since it’s a clean makeup brand, I do feel like I have to reapply more often (the color won’t last all day), but I don’t mind. I actually like the look as the color fades– looks even more natural and low key.

EYELINER  // This is the product on the list that I can’t stop using. I haven’t found something I like more, though I’m opening to trying new. It’s just the best eyeliner for my skin tone. Goes on smooth, is not severe, and just adds the perfect pop.

JASMINE PERFUME // I got a small travel size of this to test and I am loving it. I really wanted to introduce a new scent into my everyday routine and I am into this.

FLUID to POWDER FOUNDATION // I found this in my linen closet– where I store extra products– and at some point just started using it. It’s been nice for summer. SO light with a barely there finish. It doesn’t feel like wearing foundation and it can build up if you need a little more coverage. The key for me is that my freckles still show through.

BRONZER STICK // After seeing everyone on TikTok using bronzer sticks, I traded in my bronzing powder for this stick and I am obsessed. It is great.

MASCARA // Recently switched up my mascara to this one. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re going for a false eyelash look, it’s more of a natural look. And it can also be built up with a few more swipes if you want a little extra lift.

CREAM BLUSH // Another new find that I am obsessed with. It looks highly pigmented when it goes on, but it blends in so nicely. A little bit goes a long way and it’s such a “sweet” blush look.

EYEBROW GEL // My only issue with this eyebrow gel is that I wish there was more product in the tube! Otherwise, it gets the job done perfectly. I like the coverage. It doesn’t give you a severe look and instead just gives an even coverage of color throughout your eyebrows.


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That Bobbi Brown foundation is my GOAT! Unfortunately they’ve discontinued it – I stocked up and have enough to last me a few years (hopefully it doesn’t go bad?), but I was really bummed. It’s the only foundation I’ve found for my oily skin that doesn’t need blotting or reapplication!