Cute Hair Accessories

While I love a good hair ribbon, I usually just leave my hair down or wear a boring ponytail holder. If anything.

Except right now, I feel like hair accessories are having a moment and I’m kind of loving it. I haven’t purchased anything too crazy, but I feel like it’s only a matter of time. I am usually pretty low involvement when it comes to my hair. I remember being in middle school, all of the girls in my class would redo their ponytails and half-up-half-downs a hundred times a day. I would do my hair in the morning and would not touch it until I got home from school, lest I make a ponytail with bumps or something awful like that 😉

Hair Accessories


I have a few scrunchies with tails from J. Crew that I bought to wear to the beach; I love them. (They’re old, but this scrunchie is similar.) I really hadn’t worn them outside of a beach or pool environment. But I’ve been slowly loving the scrunchie trend. My mom bought me one of these silk scrunchies and it’s absolutely amazing for pulling hair back into a ponytail or bun without leaving marks or causing breakage. I show it in action in my latest Youtube video. If you’re a fan of Liberty London florals, J. Crew has cute floral scrunchies!

But you know who is killing the hair accessory game right now? Anthropologie! I popped into the store while walking around Hoboken one day and could have spent $100 on hair accessories. I didn’t end up buying anything because I could feel the impulse that I would spend too much and get way more than I truly needed. I had to share though because I was obsessed with everything.

I’m really into these colorblocked tortoiseshell headbands and these color striped tortoiseshell clips. I think I’m going to go back and get those because they’re fun and practical. Even more picks (seriously so cute, good luck choosing a favorite!).

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I’m the same, Carly, I love hair accessories but I wear my hair down most of the time. However, I’ve found that pic very inspirational. I have curly hair and in summer I stop straightening it (because I can’t be bothered with the heat…) I bet it’d look much cuter with a knot and a bandana 🙂


I have a great tortoiseshell clip from J.Crew that’s shaped like a bow! It’s so cute. I’m loving the scrunchie trend too, but with my thick hair, I have to put a regular elastic underneath!


I am now obsessed with the original invisibobble — I won’t use anything else! They don’t give me “hair headaches” as I call them, you know, the sore spot from a pony tail pulling on the same spot for too long. They also don’t leave creases in my hair, and people always comment on how cool my pony looks because of the way it comes through the ring. They do stretch out pretty quickly, but a quick dip in boiling water puts them back to their original size and shape, so they really do last a very long time.


Ha, I am so guilty of just putting my hair into a ponytail and not doing anything special with it. I recently chopped my hair into a bob so now I need to actually put effort into it and those acetate clips are a great, easy way to mix things up!

Nicolette |

Kate Gwyn

I’ll take one of everything! They’re so cute! I especially like the scarves on the ponytail, so the hair ties with the scarf is genius!


Anthro totally has the cutest scarves right now! I don’t have a job currently, so I decided not to splurge on the beautiful $30 silky neck scarf, but it was the perfect hair accessory! When I find a new job and can start saving $ again, you can bet I will be buying some more cute neck and hair scarves!

Katie |