Who here remembers my college graduation campaign with Kate Spade? It feels like a lifetime ago, and in a way, it was! I’d still wear that dress today though. I can hardly think of anything more classic to wear than a little white dress, and this time of year, there seems to be endless options for graduation and wedding season. I ended up getting a little carried away with this roundup of cute white dresses…. Make sure to scroll down for a lot more of them….


Belted Bandeau Midi ($40!) // Darts and pleats and a belt, oh my! I’m impressed with the details for such an affordable price. (By the way, I love it in the blue and white stripe too….)

Scalloped Mini ($90!) // I’ve posted about this dress already, but for obvious reasons, it’s DEFINITELY worth repeating. Sizes are going quick, so snap it up now if you want it!

Buttoned Midi // This dress is incredibly chic and the price is right too. I actually think it’s pretty versatile? You can wear it to your graduation or bridal shower, then work, maybe brunch or a baptism!

Bow One-Shoulder Mini // My rehearsal dinner dress was from Sezane, and this reminds of the “bachelorette version” of it. You know I can never resist a bow!

Scalloped Bows Mini // Speaking of which…. bows AND scallops?!?! This cute white dress would have definitely been a contender for some kind of wedding event.

Green Trim Scalloped Midi // The way the scallops are outlined with the embroidered trim is just darling. The white with green is adorable, but the blue with white is absolutely perfect.

Bow Mini // This dress looks straight out of Clueless or an early DCOM! The bow isn’t big, but it’s that finishing touch that makes all the difference. A few of the reviews say the dress isn’t actually super short, which in my opinion makes it all the more tempting.

A-Line Midi // Okay, now this one reminds me of my wedding dress. It’s absolutely classic and so, so flattering.

Fringed Midi // I saw my friend Fran post this during an Instagram Q&A and just love how timeless and easygoing it is. I bet you Meghan Markle’s already scooped it up!

Floral Lace Midi // At $109, this leans more budget-friendly, and I think it’s a great deal. The floral lace is so pretty!


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I remember your college graduation days! I read your blog at work at the LSU university recreation center when it was slow. Loved it! 🙂


I remember that campaign – can’t believe I’ve been reading for that long ☺️