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This past week was a bit of a whirlwind. It’s such a different type of holiday season in terms of work as things move towards Cyber Week(s) versus Black Friday/Cyber Monday… then add in the whole global supply chain issue and, well, it’s just different. I’m also personally relying on my team more than ever before as I’m prioritizing time with Jack over everything else and I feel a bit out of sorts. Not really a bad thing, just different.

LAST WEEK’S WIN: Having a low key weekend. We had plans in place for Saturday and Sunday, but something came up that forced us to switch gears. I was disappointed, but looking back I really needed a weekend without anything going on. I did a little bopping around with Jack and a few walks with the pups, but for the most part we stayed home and just did our nap/nurse/play song and dance.

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: My parents and sister are coming up for Thanksgiving– I’m really looking forward to spending time with them and also hosting our first holiday! The house doesn’t feel ready for company exactly, so hopefully it goes smoothly.

Here’s what I wore this week:


Elsa and I met up for a little hang out in Summit. We made it a bit of a celebratory lunch! It was very chilly out so we decided to get ramen. The perfect way to warm up!

Shirt (c/o)

Pants (c/o)

Shoes (c/o)


Our plans on Wednesday also got canceled (so grateful for friends who cancel when sick 🙏🏻). We were going to go into the city, so I had blocked off my entire calendar for the day. Jack and I had such a good day together.





Half the day was a normal day and then Elsa and I met up to take some photos together in the afternoon. I also took photos of my friend’s daughter for their Christmas card and it was so fun. Photography has become an unexpected hobby of mine. I had to learn how to shoot manual at the beginning of the pandemic and it turned out to be such a fun way to flex my creative muscles.

Sweater (c/o)




Spent the day working and getting things prepared before the weekend. I met up with one of my neighbors to go for a walk though in the afternoon before it got too dark and cold.


Similar Jeans


Jack and I did a lot of bopping around town. The dogs got groomed and we did curbside pickups for groceries and some last minute items for Thanksgiving. (Curbside pickup is a godsend.) Mike’s brother came over in the afternoon so we hung out and did a little exercise/stretching. And then I decided to really lean into the lazy day and ordered a burger, fries, and a chocolate milkshake to eat while watching a Hallmark movie.



Sweatshirt (on sale for $15!)




Other than another walk with my neighbor, I did nothing. I was going to do some organizing and honestly just gave up before I even got off the couch!




Had such a good, productive Monday. Extra necessary during this time of year. I swear it sets the tone for the rest of the week– and I’m hoping to be able to step away from my computer a bit and spend good quality time with my family. Elsa and I got together to shoot some last minute things before she travels for the holiday!




Shoes (c/o)


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Hi Carly, first-time commenter here! I love your Tuesday week of outfit posts, it’s so interesting to read about your week. I noticed you haven’t mentioned your volunteering shift in a while – not judging, because I’m guessing you took some time off to be with Jack? I’m curious about your decision-making with that. I’m looking for a local place to develop a long-term volunteering relationship with, and always have some hesitancy about making a weekly commitment because then I start to future-trip and don’t know if anything in my family life will come up to disrupt my schedule. Anyway, wouldn’t mind reading from you about your experience taking a break from volunteering.


I’m on “maternity leave” because the shifts are longer than I could go right now with the commute and nursing! But can’t wait to restart once jack’s a little bigger!

Rebecca Coutant

Avid reader and I’m wondering if you would share more about your team – I know that you don’t really “blog about blogging” or the business of it. But…as a blogger, I’m so interested!

Is it something you elaborate on in your book? Thanks!


It ebbs and flows with different needs for different seasons. But consistently, I have a management team; basically a talent agency that negotiates and handles all of my business communications and contracts. Right now it’s a manager and two assistants! And I usually have one or two freelancers (photography, photo/video editors, affiliate link editor, copywriter, etc!).