Daily Reads

Things I check online multiple times a day (this actually has a point, don’t worry!)
Facebook (even though I had a brief deactivation last week. I just needed a break.)
Email (Both gmail accounts, school account, and regular)

And, of course, Vox Populi.

The Voice is a weekly newspaper (they call it a newsmagazine?) at Georgetown. And Vox Populi is the blog. I prefer The Voice over The Hoya (CP Confession: I’ve only read The Hoya maybe twice since attending Georgetown.)

I really like it. Seriously, I like it a lot. I check it four or five times a day. They update frequently throughout the day. Funny stuff, informative stuff, and ridiculously stupid stuff.

For the Georgetown students who read my blog– I know you’re out there…. I can see it on Google Analytics– you should also check out Vox if you’re not already!

Does your university have a student newspaper with an online blog?


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They do but the newspaper staff is 90% holier than thou hipsters who i go through pains to avoid. They'll do everything shy of condemn you to hell for not protesting our school's (very much needed) tuition hikes (which would go to important things like paying more TAs and professors and funding research), and yet last year passed a resolution whereby every student has to give them a non-opt outable fee every semester. Hypocrites.

I should be less bitter 🙂


I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and I only dare now to write you a comment. It's is an AMAZING blog! I love it ! Here in France we don't really have what you call preppy so you're a HUGE source of inspiration. Anyway keep blogging the way you do, I enjoy every piece of it!
PS: I'm sorry if I did any grammar mistakes, I know you tend to track them down….

Chris Heller

Thanks for the kind words, CP. It makes my job a bit easier when I know that Vox readers enjoy our content.


Although I do own an embarrassing number of plaid shirts, I try to avoid being "holier than thou." But I'm always happy to talk if you disagree! 🙂