Dainty Rings

I never used to be able to wear rings. At all. Trying on rings in a store never ended well for me. I would get nervous– super nervous– and without fail, my fingers would swell and the ring would get stuck. Every. Single. Time. Even simply thinking about putting a ring on would make me anxious beyond belief. Why? Who knows…
But, then I found a ring that solved this problem. It didn’t go all the way around, so (in case of an emergency), I could pry the ring off with no problem.
I also found another ring from… Banana Republic. I always wear the two rings now.
I actually thought I lost one of them last week. I’m not sure if my finger shrunk or what, but the Banana Republic ring has been kind of loose so it just slipped right off. I was super sad thinking that my favorite ring had fallen off on the subway or something. Luckily it was found in my sock drawer (???).
But actually… I was panicking:

Ah… finding that ring was amazing!
I do love dainty rings. Even if you’re not a ring person, I think you should try them out. (You don’t have to go the expensive route either. There are tons of rings out there at various price points.)
I do love the way chunky rings look… on other people. (Who doesn’t love the Kate Spade ads with big rings?) I find myself getting anxious with big rings and they kind of get in the way!
Unfortunately, both of my rings aren’t online or in stores anymore. But, here are some other pretty gold dainty rings:
Speaking of rings, I am kind of obsessed with these ring holders from Urban Outfitters:

How stinking cute???
Do you wear rings?

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pve design

"rings on my fingers and bells on my toes" – I wear my wedding bands.
I have two that my husband gave to me…no make that three. This week marks 25 years of marriage. Woo woo.
I love classic jewelry, Cartier, Tiffany…..and a little Cracker Jack jewelry wins my heart every time.


I adore rings! That's how my Little Sister (in my sorority) and I bonded when we met.. we were out shopping at the mall and both realized how much we love rings! 🙂
I have a silver dainty infinty knot ring I wear every single day. If I forget to put it back on after lotioning, my day is completely off!

I sadly have bigger (read: fatter) fingers so the cute styles are never in my size! 🙁

carelessly graceful

Sara Frick

I wear two rings. Always. One is a small silver band with a pearl from my parents for my 21st and the other was left to me from my great-grandmother. The one from my great-grandmother is one of the most dainty rings I have ever seen – it's small and silver with two hearts on it. It also fall off ALOT! In fact, just a week or so before I saw you lost yours, I lost mine (I thought while running). I ended up finding it in my Longchamp a few days later! (Thank Goodness)


I love rings. I used to wear so many in High school and then because of swimming I started not to wear rings anymore. I recently started re wearing rings two years ago. I am a sucker for rings with bows on it and also simple. I usually like to wear one or two depends on the size. But I've put down on my goal list to step out of my comfort zone, so I am super excited for Anna Dello Russo collection coming to H&M in a few weeks. Those snakes rings are on my list to get. Rings are great because they get people attention, even when you are wearing the most simplest outfit or casual as well.


The Explorer

I love rings so much I wear 3 and they are probably my favourite piece of jewellery as they make your hands look so nice with them. I particularly love silver rings. My rings are a simple band with hearts cut out and one with a knot with diamonds in which is my favourite as it was my 18th bday present and a little one which is interlinking circles. J'adore.

Megan G.

I love wearing my simple ring, it just makes me feel like I have dainty hands. 😉 Glad you found your ring and the choices you gave for gold pieces are awesome!


I'm so glad you found the ring that you lost last week Carly.

There's just something about rings that makes me love them so much. Big chunky rings, small dainty ones, anything that's a ring is definitely awesome in my eyes! Unfortunately, due to my life, I don't often get a chance to wear rings. If I could though, I would definitely love to load up on bunches and bunches of rings! Right now, I'm definitely loving stacking rings and knuckle rings. Just the thought of a few delicate bands on a finger makes me a little bit giddy 🙂

The delicate rings that you found are all so cute! I want them all, especially the tiny little pearl one. As for those adorable ring holders, can they just hop into my closet already?!

Have a wonderful weekend Carly! <3


Classic Loving

Ah I am glad you found your ring! I lose way too many rings in one year. I love smaller thin rings because my fingers are mildly chubby and stubby and short, haha 🙂 I LOVE both of the gold bow rings! They are adorable!


I'm reading your Blog for a while now and I have to told you that it's really amazing. I'm glad that you found the ring and the golden pearl ring is just adorable!!!

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