I spent a (long) weekend in Dallas for the rewardStyle conference. This is my third year going and it was definitely the best year. I always get very nervous going. It’s intimidating to go to a conference where I often feel inadequate and underdressed. (Also, there tends to be weird cliques that form and I never know who’s not friends with who and who doesn’t talk to who and, well, I wasn’t good at high school hierarchy then and I’m not good at it now either.)
Anyway, my whole plan for the trip was to seek out only good and only be around good people and it ended up being a great time. The best part is always seeing friends from around the country and meeting with new brands. Oh, and spending some time in the hot Texas sun.
I also had to throw in this stunning photo of NYC and Central Park as I left! Thursday was a travel day for the conference and everyone was trickling into the city. Julia and Thomas arrived just after me and we decided to do some shopping. How cute is Canary? This little boutique with gorgeous decor– the floors, the couch!– and even more gorgeous clothes.
The three of us (always thankful J+T let me third-wheel them) met up with Aimee and Jennia for lunch and cupcakes. Cue the sugar high and the sugar crash. 
The first event of the conference was a pool party at the hotel. It was the perfect excuse to wear what will surely be one of my go-to dresses this summer (note: it runs extremely small, I went up two sizes).
The next day was filled with meetings and rain, but Julia and I found time to duck outside for some photos. I’m wearing this shirtdress and this belt (it’s genius).
I wore this dress (c/o). It seemed like the social media platform of choice this weekend was Snapchat! Find me: collegeprepster.
Speaking of rain, the party on Friday night was outside. OMG. The rain. There were tornado watches and it was coming down like cats and dogs. The fact that we were inside a tent with a metal frame seriously freaked me out. Luckily the party continued inside and then we ended the night with too much guacamole. 
Saturday was more conference and then (shhh) we ducked out early for lunch and exploring. We went to Klyde Warren park for the afternoon. It was packed. I guess the 90 degrees draws everyone out of their homes, especially after the storm the night before. The best part was the food trucks lining the edges of the park. We got huge lemonades (necessary) and popsicles (very necessary). I got quite a bit of color on my arms just from walking around.
After eating not the healthiest food all weekend (the best part of Texas, I’m sure), I was ready for a healthy brunch at Company Cafe with Chassity and Amy. We actually went together the year before, so maybe it’s our tradition! Delicious!
And then it was time to go home… My suitcase and brand new monogrammed leather tote (c/o).
… and then I was back home. With the snuggliest puppy who missed his mamma.
Such a fun weekend!!!
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Audrey Lin

I love that first picture of you and Julia! I remember seeing it on your Instagram 😛 Looks like a wonderful weekend 🙂 My roomie is going back home to Texas is nine days!! Just gotta get through final exams first… -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Sara Elizabeth

I'm so glad Dallas was good to you!! Loved seeing all your pictures – they are GORGEOUS!! Klyde Warren is TOTALLY the best…. but it's WAY better when there aren't twenty million people there!