Day-to-Night Striped Shirt

Someone emailed me a few weeks ago demanding to know if I wore something other than stripes. Listen, if wearing stripes too often is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 😜 (Don’t worry, I responded to let her know that I wore a lot of gingham, too. 😂 )

The thing about stripes, particularly this striped shirt, is that it works for so much of my life. I love to wear it for all kinds of occasions and it’s a staple in my suitcase for trips. Even if I don’t have plans to wear it, I almost always pack it as a backup.

The Cottages Nantucket

I am not the kind of girl who can travel with one pair of shoes, but at the same time, I try to be pretty practical for what I bring. I do like to have options, especially if I have dinner plans on a particular day. While on Nantucket last week, I wore this outfit during the day. It was just cool enough to feel comfortable in jeans and the sun was just warm enough to go without a jacket during the day. But the temperatures definitely drop once the sun goes down, so I always try to bring a coat with me.

Normally I pack a light puffer coat, but since we were in Town the whole time, I figured a trench would be just fine. I swapped out the sweater for the trenchmules instead of the sandals, and went with a little handbag instead of a tote.

This is kind of the formula I use when I travel and it just makes packing so much easier and, in turn, it takes some stress out of traveling. You could easily bring a second shirt (like a solid color) and create an additional two outfits.

Striped Shirt Dressed Up Carly the Prepster  J. Crew Striped Shirt  J Crew Trench Coat

The Juice Bar Nantucket Carly Heitlinger

Striped Shirt (this is my GO TO) // Jeans // Trench Coat // Monogrammed Sandals // Mules // Personalized Tote // Handbag (c/o) // Hat // Similar Necklace // Similar Cuff // Similar Bracelet

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Glad I’m not the only one who lives in striped shirts. One week I was at work I realized I wore a striped shirt 3 of the 5 days… I feel like a striped shirt is such a polished look.

Alyssa Pacetti

Simple packing is the best! I make it a mission to only pack a carry on and it makes my trips so much less stressful. This trench was such a great recommendation. I purchased it awhile back when you featured it and I get SO much use out of it. My dry cleaner recently ruined two buttons so I’m hoping I can buy more from Banana.

Jenn Record

love your blog! And LOVE striped boat neck shirts. I have a drawer FULL of them. Just ordered the navy and the pink. Teachers and students also get 15% off. Thanks for the tip.


Currently wearing a navy & white stripped shirt as I read this 🙂 Can never have too many stripes.

Brigid Devney-Rye

I love your response to the person who wondered if you wore anything other than stripes. You have a great way of dealing with comments like this. I really admire it. I have recently been embracing stripes. I think it is your influence. Marimeko makes some great ones. Do you have any Marimeko? They are such great quality. I highly recommend (worth the price as they last forever).


I LOVE how you cuffed the sleeves of the sweater instead of tying a knot. So cute!