I had decals printed for College Prepster. I was so excited to finally get the tiny little stacks of them in the mail. (I accidentally mailed them to my house in Florida so they took extra long to get to DC.)
I have a few other uses for them that I’m going to be using them for, but I have a bunch leftover that I’m selling on Etsy.

The decals are two inches in diameter. This is the perfect size to decorate laptops, water bottles, notebooks, etc.
The decals are made of durable vinyl. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how thick and smooth they were.

I tested one of the decals out on my spare laptop. (I also tested peeling it off… and they peel off if you decide to remove it at some point. They don’t peel off easily, which is good, but if you need to remove yours you can.)

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These are so cute! But from a PR perspective, you totally should have included a URL or your Twitter handle! 🙂 Just a thought for next time.


I figured you'd have a good reason! You're a pretty good PR maven as it is 🙂 They're super cute.