December @ A Glance

Last month of the decade!!!! I’m trying to pack in as many festive activities as possible. Things are going to be kind of crazy workwise the first two weeks and then ease off. I’m taking a week off completely, which I’m looking forward to disconnecting and just hanging out with friends and family. Mike and I have a few Christmas parties– including hosting our first annual one at the house. Can’t wait!!!


PERSONAL GOAL: I am going to try my best to really reduce the amount of time I spend on my phone. A lot of my “screen time” is for work stuff (like hours of responding to DMs mostly), so I am going to try to cut back on extraneous scrolling and unproductive parts. Especially since it’s the holidays, I want to make sure I’m as present as possible and not just wasting my life away sucked into some virtual world.

THIS MONTH: There’s something crazy about it being the last month of the decade, right? Like I am kind of thrilled about starting a fresh new decade… but also, like, did I accomplish enough in the 2010s?! I was thinking about all the things that happened and realized that, yea… I did a lot in ten years. And I’m excited to see what happens in the next ten!

QUOTE TO LIVE BY: “merry everything.” Not exactly a real quote… but I’m going to try to live by it for whole month!



I love these monthly glances you’ve been doing! And yay for a break coming up.


Good job giving yourself a week off! You deserve it! And I love “merry everything,” I think that’s a wonderful attitude for the month.


Have you found any good journal entry prompts for the last month of the decade? Great idea to go back and look at all you’ve accomplished this decade and hopes for the next!

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