I only somewhat recently invested in my first designer bag. They’re definitely extravagant purchases and not totally necessary. Is my life better because I have a designer bag (or two), no. But with that said, I really do enjoy my two handbags. Just prefacing this post with that, because I recognize it’s not an everyday purchase or life or death 😉

I think I made pretty “smart” choices for the two bags I have purchased. They each really fit into my everyday life and so I end up getting a lot of use out of both of them. I love that they are great for special occasions and also work for normal life too. They don’t just sit in my closet collecting dust, I actually use them!

Especially as I’ve gotten older, I’m much more interested in pieces for my wardrobe that I can wear for years– and that are versatile. Handbags are perfect for this (even if you end up going with something non-designer and less expensive). If you’re investing in quality, you’ll have it for years and since it’s a handbag, you can really carry it all the time. It’s not like a dress that you pull out every once in a while or shoes that get worn to the ground.

When I purchased my first designer bag, I had a lot of guilt around it… but I have shed a lot of the guilt because I feel like if I was to make a purchase of a designer bag, I couldn’t have picked something better for me.

I have added another bag into my “collection” (can you call it a collection when it’s only two?! lol) and I probably will invest in more over time. I have been thinking a lot about what I look for in a designer bag as I consider adding another:

1) Is it timeless? I really just don’t see myself spending a lot of money on something that’s trendy.

2) Will it work with what I already own? I don’t want to build a wardrobe around a bag, but instead invest in one that already works seamlessly with what I own.

3) Does it excite me? Maybe dumb, but I do think buying a designer bag is a “big deal” and not something to just be done flippantly. I want to really be excited about it!

Quilted Navy Chanel Medium Flap in Navy Caviar

My first! This felt like such a big deal to me and it still is 🤗 I’m really proud of this bag and what it represents– 10 years of my blog. A big milestone.

So I love the navy Chanel– especially because I don’t see the color as often as black– but since I started wearing more and more black, I began to question whether I had made a mistake getting navy. The reality was… I didn’t want a black bag instead of navy. Honestly, I wanted both. I didn’t want to just “copy/paste” and get the same bag in black. After doing some research and window shopping, I ended up landing on the Gucci Jackie bag. I got the same “this feels so me” feeling as with the navy Chanel. I love.

What do I have my eye on now?!

I probably won’t be buying a new designer bag anytime soon. I keep window shopping though. Mostly just keeping my eyes open for things I like and bags I’m drawn to. I saw a TikTok about the Celine Tri-Fold bag and I can’t stop thinking about it. I like that it’s more of a tote and would be great on an everyday basis. Plus nice as a mom to have a little bit more space to work with 😉 I don’t even know if they make it anymore?! But I will say I have set some alerts on resale sites… just in case?! I don’t know. If nothing else, it’s fun to think about???

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It’s interesting that you don’t consider your Louis Vuitton or Goyard bag “designer.” What makes a bag “designer”? The over $2k price point?


you previously mentioned both of those were monogrammed so felt stuck with them…were you able to remove the monograms? just curious!


Two beautiful choices! I think they suit you so well. I have yet to take the plunge with a nice handbag so it’s nice to see how others work through the decision.


When I saw the navy in the preview picture in your email I instantly thought – “That is so you!!!” and then saw you had the same sentiment. It was meant to be! So unique, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a navy Chanel flap!

I just treated myself to a mini Dior saddle bag this month for my birthday and love it so much – but also feel like it haunts me. Like – what if I would have thrown that same amount of money into retirement and what that would turn into in 50 years.

The struggle!

Love that yours has a 10-year blog milestone – having a story/goal behind a designer piece would probably help me feel more deserving of the piece!



I loved reading this! I was also thinking- you had a discussion about the pronunciation of Taylor and talked about food shopping versus grocery shopping, what do you think about talking about handbag versus purse? I’m born, raised, and currently live in Southern California and always say purse. Is handbag more common to say on the east coast?


That’s a great question. I definitely used to say purse…. and I think at some point I started saying handbag?! But now that I’m thinking about it, I have NO idea when (or why) it happened

Shayla Mcmurray

Purse is only meant to refer to a small pouch for coins. Handbag or bag is the proper term. I learned this from watching the high end fashion bloggers in Italy lol


I feel like a tan/gold Birkin is sooooo your style. But also… the Birkin price isn’t very doable.

Shayla Mcmurray

Such funny timing you posted this today because I was watching Julia Rose stories and she posted this vintage blue and white striped chanel bag in that blue you love (maybe the same as your brand color) and was like OMG Carly needs this.

Ladies – click the link and reply if you agree because I’m convinced this is Carly as a bag.



If you love a purse, then why not splurge every now and then!

I have fell in love with a bag company from my hometown, Meanwhile Back on the Farm, and it got me thinking about the cost of the major luxury brands vs their quality. @tanner.leatherstein has some interesting videos on this topic. He cuts up (!) luxury handbags and breaks down their worth in terms of craftsmanship, materials and labor.