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Things are coming along in the apartment slowly but surely. One of the spots that I’m the most excited about is my desk and office space! When searching for an apartment, I knew I wanted more than a one-bedroom but two-bedroom apartments felt huge, especially if they had two bathrooms. It felt unnecessary. Working from home can be a challenge, as I learned, when your desk is a mere foot from the bottom of your bed. 
We ended up finding a one-bedroom apartment with a “den.” The den is the perfect space for an office! It’s actually about twice the size of our old bedroom.
I ordered a new desk and, while I brought everything from my old desk, I kind of want to mix things up. Plus the desk is significantly larger so there’s more space for cute things. Here’s some things that are inspiring me as I start to shop around:
Desktop: Table Lamp + Picture Frame + Vase
Desktop Accessories: Pencil Cup + Zebra Tray + Paper Tray + Tape Dispenser + Stapler

Now of only I could pick a chair…

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Oh I love this! May have to order the writing print and the oranges print and maybe the glasses,,, maybe all of the them! its just so perfect!

And that desk is gorgeous! Great choice!


Andrea Buginsky

Sounds great! I'm glad you were able to find a spot for your office. It's so important to have your private spot when you need it to work. And I love your inspiration list! I have a photo file of things I'd love in my dream office. Great post!

Emma Jane

I'm working on my room in my last college apartment right now, desk area is definitely the most important part!

Emma's Laundry