Devil’s Den

It only took 12 hours of being in NYC before it felt like the trip to Florida was a decade ago. Honestly, I don’t understand how it happens! The plane landed, we came home, unpacked, went to sleep… and then bam! Insane city life again. I hit the ground running, speaking on a panel at a conference for high school girls, did an outfit shoot, took over Lilly’s snapchat and then hung out with friends in Brooklyn.
Sheesh though! It really does feel like forever ago. 
I typically don’t plan a lot when I’m going home to Florida. I like to visit my favorite restaurants, hang out with my family, and just do a lot of nothing. Garrett found a cool snorkeling/diving place in Florida right before our trip, so we knew we were going to squeeze it in. We’re doing our open-water dive test for our scuba certification in September, so we stuck to snorkeling.
Devil’s Den is just about two hours away from Tampa so it ended up being the perfect day trip. My dad loves to snorkel and took the day off of work to join us. The pictures on Instagram looked amazing and I was hoping it would be as cool as the photos. It didn’t disappoint!

I hope you can tell how amazing and fun this place was from these photos. Devil’s Den isn’t necessarily that large (it was smaller than I was expecting), but man is it fun! Devil is an underground spring. Because the “roof” of the cave is exposed, tons of light comes streaming through the hole illuminating the water. It’s magical.

The water is pretty chilly. The best way to do it is to just jump in and get your head under water without thinking twice. Although, it is pretty hilarious watching people squirm and go uncomfortably get in the water inch by inch.
I was surprised at the number of fish in the spring– they were everywhere! The rock formations were interesting and there was a lot to see despite the small area. Meanwhile, I had fun swimming around channeling my inner mermaid. 
Wearing: Vineyard Vines One-Piece (c/o)
If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a day trip for. I recommend bringing a cooler with a snack, wearing a one piece or a rash guard for extra warmth, and getting there early so you can enjoy uncrowded water!

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Oh wow this looks incredibly fun! I have never been snorkeling or scuba diving before but this looks so fun. I never even realized you had to take a class and pass a test to go diving until you mentioned that you were doing it. Such an awesome activity!

Annie // Annie N Belle