DIARY No. 105

Here’s what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks according to my camera roll!

I decided to give the Teleties claw clip a try and I love it. It holds so much hair. (I’ve broken many a claw clip trying to get all my hair secured!) Plus I love the shape and color. I think I’m going to order the tortoise color next.

Mike took Jack down the shore and I spent the weekend pre-nesting. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. Six and a half hours of just like deep cleaning and organizing. Felt so good to tackle some of the spaces that have been largely neglected over the past couple of years. I even built a little cubby for the bins we have had in the basement.

Once I finished organizing, I had time. To myself! To do anything I wanted! I popped a big bowl of popcorn, kicked up my feet, and started a new book. It was like the best afternoon I could have imagined.

I took Jack to Creekside Farms, which is the cutest little market down the street. They have tons of local vegetables, baked goods, and other little fares. And the best part though is that they have heads of lettuce you can buy for $2 to feed their animals! Chickens, ducks, donkeys, and goats! It’s like a mini farm back there without having to drive anywhere. We stopped by for 20 minutes to kill some time before lunch. It was boiling hot but a huge hit.

I finished Mike’s stocking!!! Hallelujah! (All the stocking details here.)

I asked Mike to take me golfing for my birthday! Golfing was on my “summer bucket list” and I had meant to try it earlier…. but I just wasn’t feeling good throughout most of the summer. Finally squeaked it in. I went in with low expectations and just wanted to have fun. And it was!!!

My boys!!!!

Our hydrangeas have continued to do well this year! I only planted them this spring so I had no idea what to expect. They’ve done even better than I could have imagined and I can’t believe I didn’t think of planting them sooner. I’m obsessed with them.

I am so seasonally confused. Between the internet getting in my head about fall clothes and Halloween and store displays of Halloween candy and pumpkins everywhere…. and then going outside and melting in 100 degree weather! I am ready for fall though 🤗

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