DIARY No. 112

A fun couple of weeks! Here’s what we’ve been up to according to my camera roll:

Jack was invited to a really cute gingerbread making class with Little Sleepies! It was hosted at Taste Buds Kitchen in NYC. What a great space. The kids loved it. Jack was so focused on decorating his house.

I’ve been to Back to Nature a few times this holiday season already. They have the best decor and you really can’t go there and not leave feeling inspired. I took Jack one weekend to see their Santa and it was a blast– I even got to meet a handful of you guys! Here’s the schedule for the rest of the holiday market if you’re local. I highly recommend going (especially on a day when Tin Can Confections is there because their cookies are divine!

A few of my friends and I went to a Christmas afternoon tea at Reeves Arboretum and it was the perfect way to kick off the month of December. Most of our hangouts involve the kids so it felt extra luxurious to be able to sit down together and talk like adults 🤣 I absolutely love a good afternoon tea… makes me want to do more of this!

I spent a couple of nights after Jack’s bedtime wrapping presents. Feels great to have that checked off my list!! Usually I am very particular about having a cohesive theme for the wrapping paper. This year, I just wanted to use what we had. (I have amassed quite the collection!) I thought it would really bother me, but…. I ended up loving how all the ribbons looked together and I really REALLY loved the simplicity of the brown craft paper I used for most of the gifts.

I had 45 minutes after dropping Jack off at preschool until a meeting and I used that as an excuse to sit down with a nice breakfast by myself. I felt like I was getting away with something!

A long overdue haircut!!! My hair grew so, so much while pregnant. I am keeping the length for now because it’s easiest for me to style.

Fine and Fleurie invited me to her new studio to take some maternity photos. She has an entire wardrobe to choose from and it was really fun to pick out beautiful dresses. I got a sneak peek of the photos and wow, I feel like they capture pregnancy so beautifully (even when I don’t feel that way on a day to day basis 🙈).

Celebrated Hanukkah with some friends. The kids had so much fun and I ate my weight in latkes.

One of my SILs got the kids a Christmas iSpy book. It was so nostalgic for me as my sister and I would always check these out from the library as kids. It brought me right back and the pictures of the trinkets filled me with the best memories. A GREAT gift idea.

I’ve been simplifying my makeup more and more for everyday looks. I do tend to feel better when I’m wearing some makeup, but honestly as I’ve gotten older (and maybe just the nature of being a mom?), I feel more comfortable when my makeup is minimal and easy. Being able to apply it in three minutes is just a bonus. Here’s all the product details of what I used here.

I had to make a couple of returns and exchanges at the mall and it was FESTIVE AF. I thought it would be quiet in the middle of the day during the week, but people were out in droves still. I braced myself when entering the mall after searching for a parking spot….. and ended up being pleasantly surprised with how joyful and exciting it felt. The stores were decked out. Kids were going to get their pictures with Santa. Everyone was walking around with giant shopping bags! It felt like the hustle and bustle of malls in the 90s, honestly!

Ummm have you been to Dunkin lately for a doughnut? On Wednesdays they give free doughnuts with the purchase of a drink so I’ve been going to get my afternoon coffee there and, sure… twist my arm… get a free doughnut. This week, they were handing out the doughnuts in the cutest little bags. Such a great idea!


I kept seeing these salt dough ornaments on social media and wanted to try to make some for gifts. Guys, they are so so cute. It took a lot longer to complete than I anticipated. (I naively thought I could do the whole thing in one evening, ha!) The work has been worth it.

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