DIARY No. 117

Here’s what I’ve been up to the last two weeks according to my camera roll:

My sister in laws and I went out for dinner and had the best time. The restaurant didn’t have the a/c on though (it was warmer inside than it was outside!) and we were all melting. I 100% had the Uber driver drop me off at the ice cream shop in town so I could get a refreshing ice cream cone and then I walked home. It was such a nice night out and we ended up sitting in our backyard with our neighbors for a couple more hours.

We love a good picnic in the park… A couple of weeks ago we went out for breakfast but the line was so long so we ended up stopping by the bagel place and getting breakfast to go! It was so fun to mix it up and sit outside in the nice weather.

Jack is in his photographery era. I love how much he loves it and I want to foster it. He get so excited and truly gives me (or Rory or Dada or Teddy or Buzz Lightyear 😉) direction.

We celebrated the last day of preschool with a trip to the bookstore to pick out some new books for summer!

And we have been spending as much time as possible at our pond club! It’s limited hours right now but starting next week it’ll be open even more as kids get off of school. We’ve loved it every year, but it feels even more fun this summer now that Jack is almost three. He is obsessed and seeing the pond through his eyes is incredible– the froggie slide, a big wooden train on the playground, fun snacks!

This kid cracks me up! He has stolen my needlepoint lamp and now he can’t go to bed without it. He “stays up” to “read” by flashlight now and it is the funniest, sweetest thing.

Rory’s loving the pond too!

We drove up to Woodstock this past weekend and we just so happened to be going up at the same time as Olivia Muenter’s book signing! I totally made the whole caravan stop 😉 I had just finished her book Such a Bad Influence in the morning so it was even extra better timing.

The house we stayed in had a cedar hot tub. Guys…. I’m obsessed. We do not have space for one in our backyard, but I want one so badly. It was soooo much more enjoyable than a regular hot tub. 

We went to Woodstock on a trip with VRBO (more on it on my Instagram soon) and had the best time.

I made a blueberry cobbler skillet that was a huge, huge hit. The perfect summertime treat.

How we’ve been spending our afternoons… Biking and walking all over town.

I finally did my first blockprinting that I talked about in yesterday’s post. It is so satisfying and I think it’s going to be my summertime hobby…

Speaking of hobbies. Progress is being made on Rory’s stocking! For a while it felt like I was just stitching and going nowhere…. and then one day it finally looked like progress. Still a long way to go though!!

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Kassi Kasinger

Oh my gosh! That sailboat print would be amazing printed on fabric and turned into pajamas.