Diary No. 24

I’m in shock that it’s February. Last year I remember these memes going around how it was January 328 (as if there were just so many days in the month), but this year it seemed to fly by? Maybe it’s just me?? Well, here’s what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks according to my camera roll.

Chappy Wrap

I’ve been really embracing low key weekends. We’ve also been taking full advantage of our fireplace. It’s SO NICE to have. We moved into our house at the end of June, but had been looking forward to utilizing the fireplace in the winter. Crazy to think we’re already here. Also I don’t know what it is about fireplaces, but I just go into some super cozy hibernation mode. Like get me as comfortable as possible, with a good book, maybe a cup of coffee and/or a snack, my pups, and I’m good for hours.


Okay so after I said all that about winter… I bought some tulips on a whim and it instantly made the dining room feel a bit more springy!! I love how tulips get super floppy and follow the sun.

McNally Jackson

I met Meghan in the city one afternoon to go to the new McNally Jackson bookstore in Seaport. It’s gorgeous. If you haven’t been, I can’t recommend it enough– there’s also a little cafe attached. Great place to read, hold a meeting, or get a little work done.

Split Goals

Remember how I made a “fun” goal for 2020 to get my splits back? I’m making progress!!!! Last year I definitely slacked on stretching before and after working out, so this fun goal has been a great way to get back in the habit of it. I have no real purpose for doing this other to do it, which I love. Not all goals have to have a reason!

Katz's Deli

I was so excited for Grace’s 10 year blog anniversary party. And even more excited when I realized it was going to be pretty close to Katz’s Deli. Mike and I had planned on going out to dinner beforehand together and Katz’s was calling our name. No joke, I’d eat there every day.

Little Library

A little restock of the library!! We have so many kids come by so I’ve been trying to make sure there’s plenty of options for different ages. Who knew this little library could bring me so much joy?

Lunch at Home

Another one of my 2020 goals: making lunches at home. I try to go to the grocery store once a week to stock up on a few items I can repurpose throughout the week. It’s been going so much better than I expected. Like I kind of figured I’d already be over it (to be totally honest) but it’s actually kind of fun. And provides the perfect break in the middle of the day.


And saving this cutie for last! Hamilton loves his sleep– he’s honestly like a teenager. He refuses to get out of bed in the morning and the second he senses we’re getting ready for bed, he CHARGES up the stairs and does this flying leap into bed. (Truly, it’s hysterical.)

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I love that you stock your library for all ages- can’t think of a better way to encourage reading!!! 💗


My husband and I just bought a house, step one – Little Free Library! There are probably 10-15 in my neighbor alone but I can’t wait!


Not all goals have to have a reason. I love that!!! Loving the lunch inspiration by the way.


For the splits, lean back into your booty and hips rather than holding all your weight forward! It will make it 100x more comfortable and easier to get down further!


One of my 2020 goals is to get all my splits back too!! I’ve been adding stretches specifically for that in all the yoga classes I’ve taught this year but I need to do it more at home too.


So true! Hobbies is what helps to relieve the stress and feel the taste of life. One of the helpful resources I have found as a nursing student got me back on track with homework struggles, so I know the feeling!