Diary No. 32

Here’s what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks according to my iPhone. It’s been a bit more of the same 😉

I finished my little needlepointed striped shirt by Sara Fitz. I did the background and will eventually do a small frame of it! I thought it came out so cute… it ended up being a labor of love because I realized halfway through that I hated the blues I originally stitched. I decided to take the time to rip out all the threads and start over. I’m so glad I did… these blues ended up being much better.

My sister and I hosted a little “tea party” with my mom for Mother’s Day. My sister came up with the idea and it was genius. My mom was so surprised and she loved it. We have a tradition that we always get tea the day before Thanksgiving and the tea room we go to was having a Mother’s Day “to-go’ special.

The most exciting part of the past two weeks? I HUNG OUR ART. It took me almost eleven months to do it… but it’s crazy how much homier everything feels. I stuck to what we already had between Mike and me. Not sure if everything will stay, but it feels nice to have things ON THE WALLS. Both frames here are from Minted but years ago, so I couldn’t find these exact photographs online anymore.

Our backyard has also been a major work in progress. I’ll have to try photos of what it looked like when we moved in last June. It was rough!!! It’s not a forever home though so we’re not looking to do major overhauls of the patio/deck. We did get sod put in last fall and I’m so happy. Looks ten times better.

The dogs were cuddling in the CUTEST way one morning. Look at Ham’s foot wrapping around Teddy. I couldn’t handle it! They generally sleep close to each other but I’d never seen them snuggle like this.

Speaking of the yard, I have been spending as much time as possible outside. I’ve been taking an afternoon break every day to enjoy the peak temperature for the day.

My exact dress is currently unavailable… this one is similar though. I bought it pre-pandemic for summer trips but I’m putting it to good use at home instead! Hat is from Peter Beaton!

We are living for dinners outside. Whenever it’s nice enough and even sometimes when it’s not, we eat outside. It really makes me happy.

A little at-home cafe. I bought tortoiseshell spoons on eBay on a whim– they took forever to get here from Denmark so I kind of forgot I ordered them. It was such a funny surprise when I opened the package. Not sure what I was thinking when I ordered them, but I am not mad about it!

Thorn Alexander sent me a PDF for her matchbook e-book guide and it was a blast to stitch. It was fun to customize it with my monogram and now I think everyone I know is getting one for Christmas, ha!!!

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I love all your needlepoint projects! Definitely show us when you frame them or whatever you do to finish. What are your plans for the finished match books?

Brigid Devney-Rye

That tea party looks great, what a fun idea and I love that you have a Wednesday before Thanksgiving Tea. And that photo of the dogs! So precious! I love your posts.


You said that the house is not a forever home. Would you like to stay in that state or planning a big big move?

Marie M.

Although they can be used for anything I believe tortoiseshell spoons were originally made to be used for caviar. Anyway they’re used — I love them!


Carly can I ask what blues you used for the Sara Fitz? I have the same canvas and am at a loss not being able to get inside a store to look at fibers in person! (ps. the matchbook is also SO cute!)