Diary No. 33

Back with another round up of iPhone snaps over the past few weeks!

This was such a fun sewing project. I’ve had this tote for years. (I can’t find the exact style, but this is super close, just bigger.) I sewed a gingham liner for it and it feels like a whole new bag. I want to make a few more… it was such a quick and satisfying project. Because every bag is a different shape, I couldn’t just exactly copy a tutorial online, but the liner is essentially just a mini tote. So I followed this pattern/tutorial for instructions. I changed the measurements based on the size of my tote and instead of doing the tote straps, I added eight ties (four per handle) and truly it just sparks all the joy.

(These are not Dragon Diffusion, but this bag which ships directly from India looks nearly identical and has the same name… and way cheaper.)

I set up a little sewing station in our sunroom and Hamilton has been a big fan of it. I love having this smaller desk with my sewing machine and then around the corner I use the dining table to cut and pin the fabric.

Mike bought a Peloton early in the quarantine. I thought he was crazy. I did not love spin classes that I’ve taken in the past. I always felt lost trying to get the rhythm and figure out the resistance so I went into the Peloton with low expectations. I like it so much more than I was expecting. It tells you exactly what to do speed and resistance wise and the instructors are great. My only issue is that I can only ride on “hair wash days” because I get so sweaty it’s not even funny.

All about the patterns I used here!

I overcame my fear of sewing zippers… and honestly making little baby dresses has been a blast. And now that I’ve made a few it’s been fun to inspect clothes and know how they’re constructed. Like, I had never considered how sleeves were done until I sewed some sleeves!

I also took an online floral arranging class with a local florist (Kerry Patel). It was so much fun. I will stick to my day job, for sure, but it was a great way to learn about floral arranging.

My little library is open again!! I hadn’t officially closed her down, but when shutdowns started happening, I stopped “servicing” it. Now that things are slowly opening up again, I ordered a bunch of books to restock it. Not pictured: some anti-bacterial wipes to go!

I can’t believe we’ve been in our house for almost a year!! I’m going to do a more detailed photo tour to show you what we’ve done so far. I just hung those Inslee prints up after searching for a long time for something to fill that wall! I didn’t want something too big or too distracting… or too trendy. And it had to make sense for a kitchen and a family room. Loved how it turned out!

I’ve been trying to get outside every day around 5pm to catch the last bit of sun when it isn’t too intense. I’ve been listening to audiobooks while I needlepoint and it’s very, very lovely.

I ordered this sunglasses chain months ago and they finally arrived. I’m obsessed. It’s so convenient to always have your sunglasses there… and grandma chic!

My order from The Tiny Tassel came in!!! How cute is everything???

The dogs have an invisible fence so we let them stay outside for as long as they want. Lately if I pull into the driveway and they’re outside, I open my door and let them hitch a ride with me to the garage. I don’t know why but it makes me laugh every time and the dogs know exactly what to do.

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Curious as to the need to “restock” you little library. The purpose of those libraries is for members of the community to “borrow” then return the book, and on the off chance that they do not follow those simple rules, they may replace it with another book. Are your neighbors actually taking and keeping the books? Seems like the concept of library might be lacking ….


Some have a “take one, leave one” rule but I don’t really care what people do with the books once they have one… lots of people leave books (had a giant bag left last week) but when I “shut down” the bookstore in March it was still snowy/winter so not as much foot traffic. It had just naturally


I’m can’t wait for my order from The Tiny Tassel to arrive, too! All the items are so beautiful. Thanks for the recommendation!

Rachel C

I would love if you did a post on the Peloton. I’ve been an avid Orangetheory goer for 3 years, but haven’t been since March (obviously.) My studio has opened again, but I just don’t feel comfortable going and probably won’t for a long time. (Unfortunately, I’m in an area of the country that didn’t have many cases in March-April, so we’ve reopened and are most likely going to experience a significant second wave.) Anyway, I ordered a Peloton and it will be here mid-July. I would love knowing what you like, don’t like, tips, tricks, favorite instructors, etc.


As a librarian, I obviously LOVE your little free library. When things get going again and you could even stock your LFL with books sold by your local Friends of the Library. All that money would go back to the library and they have some really great titles.


I’m glad you’re enjoying your peloton! I just hit 200 rides and in 3 days I’m hitting 90 consecutive days in a row! I used to only ride on hair washing days, but now I just don’t even care! I wash my hair 2-3 times a week and it has worked for me. I’m obsessed with not missing a day and when I finally have to, I think I’m going to cry!


I agree! I blow dry the sweat, use dry shampoo, and shower with a shower cap.

Brigid Devney-Rye

I’m so happy you are having fun sewing and love your cheery sewing spot. I think you are ready for your dress and can’t wait to see how it turns out. xo


Hi Carly!
Love these roundups every Saturday. Would you mind sharing where your kitchen wicker chairs are from? I’m in the market and those really fit my bill!


I wish you would post more about Black Lives Matter and your position as a priviledged white woman. I feel like you glossed over the movement. You have so many followers–many of which are affluent. I would love to see you do more (because I know you can!). This isn’t to shame you, not at all–just encouraging you to harness your power and use it to further a long overdue movement. Sending love and light 🙂


I just want to add that one of my biggest concerns right now is that there are “influencers” who are posting a ton about black lives matter but it does not feel authentic at all. I don’t feel this way about Carly at all. As someone who has been actively involved in equity work for years, I am deeply troubled at all the performative allyship that I see on the blogs (again, not here). When people are posting out of shame, that will not be sustainable. We all must be very intentional and introspective about anti-racist work. If we don’t, it can do more harm than good. This is a marathon. Love & light to all.


I love the Tiny Tassel! I did one of her tassel earring making classes back in February and it was such a fun girl’s night out!


I LOVE your dogs and their new program of jumping in the car for the short ride. Beyond charming.


Awesome! How did you learn to see? The whole sewing machine thing looks cool but intimidating!


I love the Inslee prints! I feel like you could even go bigger and add two or three to the grid!


🙂 Wow, so many lovely projects! You’ve really been keeping yourself busy. Congratulations on all the things you achieved. I love your little bag insert!
Have a HAPPY day!
Claudia 🙂