DIARY No. 47

barely have any photos on my camera roll right now from the last two weeks. It’s just been a lot of the same so nothing too interesting to note. I had a large number of screenshots from Instagram to send to friends for inspo, too many photos of our TV because I just couldn’t believe what was unfolding live, and a ton of my broken toe to send updates to my mom. (This sounds weird, but I can’t be the only one…. right?)

Anyway here’s some highlights from my camera roll:



We’ve been having the coziest nights. As boring as it can be not having anywhere to go during the pandemic, Mike and I have a nice post-work routine that I love. I’m positive there will be a time in our lives when life is crazy and we’re running around again and I’ll look back and think: remember when we went through a huge list of TV shows together?! The dogs love snuggling in too.

avocado english muffins DIARY No.47

I’m slightly obsessed with English muffins at the moment. I’ll eat them any which way. I mostly do buttered or peanut butter and jelly… but I started doing avocado toast. So good, highly recommend 🥰

capitol breach DIARY No.47

Mike and I were working from the couch watching the counting of the electoral votes. I had Twitter pulled up and started seeing people tweeting about a breach and then a couple minutes later it was being reported on the news. (I took a picture to send to a group chat to be like, “ARE YOU GUYS WATCHING THIS?” and then things just started getting worse.) Looking back, we had NO idea what was about to happen and I was actually bracing myself (and expecting more death/destruction).

In that moment when you don’t know what’s about to play out, but you know it can’t be good, there was so much terror. I had to leave for my volunteer shift and was so scared that by the time I got home we’d have a full blown civil war underway. I still feel sick thinking about that fear and I think part of me is waiting for another shoe to drop.


Some cute gingham disposable mask options at HomeGoods.

I’m pretty partial to cloth masks, but I put a few disposable ones in the glove compartment of my car for emergencies if my cloth ones aren’t clean or (more likely) Mike forgot his, ha.


I bought Mike a juicer for his birthday and we’ve been loving it. Still experimenting with different combinations, but we’ve been doing everything from plain oranges to leftover produce from last night’s dinner. It’s so nice to have fresh juice whenever we want!

whipped dessert DIARY No.47

Mike whipped (literally!) this up one night. We had leftover cream and he hand whipped it with some vanilla and added some berries on top. Kind of felt like being in a restaurant and getting a fancy dessert!

needle on hand  This was a bit of an LOL moment…. I got into pajamas and climbed into bed recently. I felt a *stabbing pain* on my back. So I reach back and find a needlepoint needle that somehow had gotten stuck to my pajamas and was poking me. I have no idea where it came from because I’m pretty good about keeping my needles stuck to current projects or stored away, but clearly one got loose.

dunkin donut

The other night I wanted a doughnut so badly. Our Whole Foods is right across the street from the Dunkin so I popped over after picking up dinner ingredients to get one. Unpopular opinion, but I actually kind of prefer the doughnuts when they’re slightly stale. (Sounds disgusting to type it out like that 🤣). My only regret was that I only bought the one and not a few…. yum.

cozy dog in bed

And one last picture of the pups to sum up how most of our winter days have been. Lots of snuggling.

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Speaking as one of your DC area readers who has friends who work in the Capitol complex – you’re absolutely right about having braced for more death and destruction. As awful as covid is, it was in some ways a minor blessing, because so many Hill staff are still working from home. I immediately panicked about some good friends who are Senate employees, only to find that they were safe in their own living rooms. A non-pandemic year would have also had plenty of field trips and other tourists in the building.


In more fun news since my comment was pretty depressing – when I saw your needle I thought of how the Queen (long may she reign) keeps a magnet in her handbag to pick up any pins or needles after fittings, so the corgis don’t get them!


Stale doughnuts are my guilty pleasure!! I’ve been known to pick some up on Friday mornings to have on Saturday morning haha!


I love reading all of your posts, especially your diary posts. They have been such a bright spot in a world of chaos and boredom! (Which is so weird to type out because of the dichotomy of those two feelings happening at the same time.)

I have been spending lots of time snuggling with my puppy this week too!


I found your blog in quarantine and your blog is a bright spot in my day. I really enjoy every post you write, and you have inspired me to start having more fun getting dressed. I hear you on feeling stir crazy and in a lull. We went to a new park first thing this AM to avoid people and took our dog (and kids lol) for a walk. It was 35 degrees and windy which feels cold to me, but we just bundled up and did it. It felt very nice to get out and just see something new. I wanted you to know that your posts are one of the things that break up my lull and bored feelings. I hope you find something new and bright to to do this weekend. You put a lot of light into the world and deserve for it to come back to you.


English muffin + peanut butter + honey (add a banana or blueberries if you want) SO GOOD


I would love to hear more about how y’all use the juicer! I got a really an almost brand new Breville juicer from a friend who was moving and I have no idea what to do with it! Maybe I just need to pull it out and start playing with it!


When I was in high school we’d go to the Madison Dunkin at night and they’d give us bags of the leftover donuts. Just a tip for next time you’re craving donuts.


If Mike enjoys making whipped desserts, you need to request zabaglione (or sabayon) sometime. Literally egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala whipped over low heat and served over berries. So simple, and so good. You can also use a sweet Moscato, or even champagne (for the French version, sabayon).


I thought I was a weirdo for preferring stale donuts. I didn’t realize there were others who prefer them too!