DIARY No. 68

I think the last Diary post I did was over a month ago! I have no idea where I left off so I’m just going to use this post to play a little catch up and share some fun recent photos. Probably no rhyme or reason, but hopefully this gets me back on track!

We had such a fun Christmas with Mike’s family in the Catskills. Jack was going through the four month sleep regression, so I may not have actual memories from the week (haha… it’s all a blur). During the day though, Jack seemed to love all the attention from his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. I barely held him during the day.

I went around town and left copies of my book in Little Free Libraries! Loved hearing from you guys when you found a copy! So fun.

On New Year’s Eve, we continued our tradition of copycat Chick Fil A sandwiches. It’s soooo good and a fun little way to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

I kicked off 2022 by doing a little tidying in my closet. I had sorely neglected my closet since Thanksgiving and it needed some attention. Felt so much better once everything was organized!

I have been keeping a ball of cookie dough in our fridge so I can make a few fresh cookies every night after dinner. It’s a horrible habit, but also the best. Mike and I look forward to our warm cookies every night. (I look forward to it all freaking day and I swear it helps my mood with the cold, dark nights.)

Back on my rainbow salad game. I love chopping all the veggies and having a giant bowl for lunch. Also helps with my mood.

I may not be reading as much off my personal list, but I certainly am cranking through the children’s books! Some of our current favorites that we have in rotation.

Jack’s first proper snow day. He is…. not sure how he feels. But since I’m such a wimp when it comes to the cold, I am going to try my hardest to get Jack acclimated and excited for all the cold snow days! Here’s his little snowsuit, his hat, and sunglasses.

Grace’s collaboration with Chappy Wrap is so cute! They sent me one of the blankets and, as usual, the dogs were instantly attracted to it! They LOVE the Chappy Wraps. I don’t know what kind of magic is in there, but they can’t get enough.

Just a little selfie. Jack just loves looking at himself any chance he gets. I can’t get over it.

Elsa hit 100k followers on TikTok! Such an exciting milestone and I’m so, so proud of her!

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Hi, Congratulations to Elsa! It would be interesting to know whether you prefer Instagram or TikTok and why? Creatively, financially, time-wise, how have the platforms influenced your and Elsa’s businesses? BEST SUCCESS TO YOU BOTH!


What recipe do you guys use for the chick fil a sandwiches? The look SOOOO good. Great tradition!


I love the idea of fresh cookies every night, but how on earth do you stay out of the cookie dough? That is seriously a weakness of mine,


Little Jack in his snowsuit is seriously the cutest & coolest thing ever! Miniature things are so cute but the miniature sunglasses kill me in the best way possible.


The Catskills looks amazing during Christmastime. Do you have any travel/lodging suggestions for the area?


Hi, Carly —

Jack is so cute! Do you happen to have a link to the bowls you use for salads?



Jack is so cute! Also, where are the bins from in your closet photo on the upper right hand side? I’ve been looking for something similar.