DIARY No. 82

Back with another Diary post… here’s what I’ve been up to the past two weeks according to my camera roll!

Meal prepping for Jack is one of my least favorite mom-tasks. I’m always trying to think of things he’ll like to eat, that are healthy for him, that aren’t too complicated to make. We were heading down to Mike’s family’s shore house for Labor Day weekend and it was going to be a FULL house. Coming from a four person family, it’s a huge adjustment for me to be with so many people all at once… especially in the kitchen 🤣 I was stressed even before we got there, so I decided to prep Jack’s meals ahead of time so I could just reheat and serve. Best. Decision. Ever. 1) I didn’t have to think about what I was going to give him and 2) I didn’t have to do a ton of prep work for every meal. Felt like a big mom win to me.

We’re still doing morning and evening nursing, but dropped all daytime… It was time for us no question. But I miss the cuddles! So I’ve been squeezing extra time before and after naps!

Anything better than doughnuts at the beach? No.

Last pond day of the season!! I’m embarrassed to admit how sad I was to say “goodbye” to our pond club for the summer. It was such a great time this year with Jack and meeting new people in our area. AND it was the best way to spend time between naps. We went almost every day, weather permitting, and sometimes even twice a day! The only perk is that now I can vacuum my car out– it’s been coated in sand all summer!

We celebrated our second anniversary with a champagne toast and a mini recreation of our wedding cake!

Oh and I finally got my hands on one of the Recess x J. Crew pickleball paddles. Someone on Instagram tipped me off that the Westport store had one in stock and I was thrilled! I will say, the quality of the print isn’t great up close (it’s pixelated) but you can’t tell if you’re looking at it in general. My order for it was canceled, even though I purchased on the first day, and I wonder if they pulled the design because of quality control? 🤔

I rewatched Father of the Bride II and it’s just such a good feel good movie!! Perfect thing to watch while needlepointing. (It’s on Disney+ by the way!)

We had friends over for a backyard get together with pizza and beer and lots of kids. We put out some chalk (huge hit), balls, and a few toys. Mike and I kept things casual and I swear it was just such a nice, low-key night.

Jack and I had a little breakfast date last Saturday. We were somehow out of eggs at home and instead of going to the grocery store, I was like, “let’s go out!” So we scooted down to Sunday Motor Co for eggs (Jack) and fig toast (me). Jack even had his first croissant and he loved it.

PSA… Crunchy Curls are back!!!

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