DIARY No. 83

Happy October! It kind of feels like September was over in a blink of an eye, so excited to share some of the snaps from my camera roll from the last two weeks:

We are going out for a walk almost every afternoon before dinner as a family. It’s been such a nice way to end the work day (or daycare day) and get some fresh air. The dogs, Jack, and Mike and I all love it!

Trying to start a little weekend tradition of going out for breakfast dates. I’ll usually take Jack on a morning when Mike is golfing so we get out of the house and it’s been our “restaurant practice.” Truly the perfect way to practice our restaurant etiquette in a low-stress (for me!) way. Like, here’s how we sit at the table in a high chair, here’s how we order, here’s how we eat, here’s how we clean up. Feels like the perfect time to start so it just feels natural for him as he gets older.

We had a blast apple picking. I had low expectations for how it would go down, ready to pull the plug in case it wasn’t going well. It turns out that it’s a great activity for toddlers. Snacks, open space to play, and (Jack’s new favorite) wagons!

And we’ve been trying to meet up with Jack’s cousins at least once a week for a playdate. Sometimes I’m jealous of Jack that he will grow up with his cousins! Nothing makes my heart feel happier to see how much they love each other. What a gift.

I have been trying to cook at least one dinner a week. (Trying…. 🥴) I made these Greek chicken meatballs and they were delicious. I made the mistake of halving the recipe because I didn’t think we needed the whole thing. Incorrect. So delicious, I should have made the whole thing and kept the rest for leftovers.

Getting this summer baby ready for fall. How cute is this fleece jacket? Extra cozy and adorable. (Jack is wearing the 12-18 months).

We carpooled down to Delaware and had way too much fun at the rest stop. Picked up these Reese’s cups with chips. People were asking for my “review” and essentially it’s a crunchy Reese’s I thought. I didn’t taste “chips” necessarily. It just crunched like a chip, ha!

Is this a food review post?! I also finally tried Boba for the first time. We have a Boba shop in our town and I walk by all the time. On one of our family walks, I decided to go in and get one. Loved it!!! Won’t be my last for sure.

I was interviewed for the Wall Street Journal about my gray hair. I thought it was just going to be a digital piece and it was quite the surprise to see it in print! (One of my friend’s texted me at 7am on Monday saying I was in the paper! So cool!)

Another meal I recommend you make as soon as possible. This sheet pan salmon was absolutely delicious. Mike said he wants to make it once a week!

I’m going to share more about my quick, but ultra fulfilling trip to Maine, but I’ll leave you with this. 1) I will never take traveling without a baby for granted. It was such a treat to go through the airport without gear and strollers and stress. And 2) I still love my Kindle!!!

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I’m glad you added the salmon recipe to this post, I saw your story but didn’t get around to saving it. But added it to our menu this week!


kind of like worlds colliding – i went to college with the author of your WSJ article!


Just made the meatballs you linked to, they are incredible! Thank you so much for the note about making a full batch, I am so glad I did! Lunch on repeat!