DIARY No. 91

Some of my favorite pictures from the last couple of weeks:

I actually can’t believe this was (almost) two weeks ago. I took Jack on a full day adventure. I had been wanting to take him to a local indoor children’s museum so that was first on our agenda. It looked so fun online… it ended up being way, way too crowded and Jack, who is usually incredibly adventurous, was overwhelmed. (As was I honestly!) We found a quiet little corner with arts and crafts and Jack had so much fun painting though! Not sure I would go back, but glad we checked it off our local bucket list.

Here’s Jack dropping off his valentines at the Post Office. He loves to return books at the library through a similar slot so I knew he would love this little activity.

Last week, I stayed in NYC overnight. I had a couple of meetings/events, met up with a friend for drinks, and got a re-do on my Christmas present (which was a night alone in a hotel but I got food poisoning last time!). This was my first time staying in Fouquet’s and it will not be my last!! Because I was there for such a short period of time with a pretty packed schedule, I wasn’t able to take advantage of everything the hotel offers. Next time would love to visit the spa and dine in one of the restaurants! The hotel is brand new so everything is pristine and designed so thoughtfully.

Still here to tell you that “CV” is the absolute best red nail polish ever. I truly feel like a new woman every time I apply a new coat of it.

Another sneak peek of our redesign! This is the guest bathroom (also Jack’s bathroom). It’s coming along slowly but surely. Every time something new goes in, I get excited to see it one step closer to the final product!! The details have been the most exciting step to watch…. each one dreamier than the last!!

This has how we have been spending so many of our days. Outside on the patio, rain or shine playing basketball. As much as I loved the baby stage, there is something just so magical about really being able to play with your child. It is FUN!

And speaking of fun, what are you supposed to do on a 70 degree day in February?! Have a picnic lunch outside in the backyard. Jack thought it was so funny that his sandwich was on the ground and we spent the whole afternoon out there. We all (dogs included) had a bit more pep in our step after that glorious afternoon.

Minnow’s Swim spring collection couldn’t be sweeter. They sent a cute little package for Jack. He immediately wanted to put on a pair of the swim trunks and I had to coax him into pants when it was time to leave the house.

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