DIARY No. 97

Here’s what we’ve been up to according to my camera roll over the past two weeks….

Jack got to meet Elsa’s baby for the first time!! We got together in the park and let’s just say, Jack was smitten! I can’t wait to see their friendship grow over the years!

This is our life now. Scootering all day, every day. This is Jack’s scooter (and helmet). He is obsessed. Beyond obsessed really. I can’t believe how quickly he’s picked it up too. We’ve been mostly going up and down the sidewalk, but started carting it with us to the park where he can scooter on the courts and spread his wings on the wider space! He even does a little trick by kicking his leg out and gliding. I could watch him scoot forever.

Ahead of the photoshoot for my Neely & Chloe collection, I got a red gel manicure. I went sans nail polish for awhile, then started doing my own nails, and experimented with a couple of dip manicures. The dip manicures destroyed my nails. I went back to gel and, ugh, I just love it. I love not worrying about chips and I love the bright color. I don’t know if I’ll keep it up forever, but I think I’m going to splurge throughout the summer.

Mike and I had a glorious little date night in the middle of the week! Our original plans got postponed, but with a babysitter already scheduled, we decided to still go out and make the most of it. I’m very grateful our town has so many great restaurants we can walk to. (We went to Madison Market, btw if you’re local!)

A little behind the scenes during our shoot!

I have to share this picture from my flight back from Nantucket. I’ve done this Cape Air flight before. It’s under an hour and usually nothing to write home about. It feels like being in a mini van in the sky. On the flight to Nantucket, it was quite bumpy and I was fighting back motion sickness. I was bracing myself for another rough flight on the way home and it ended up being unbelievably beautiful. So smooth. The clearest views. It didn’t feel real. I felt like I was floating through the clouds in a dream. I can’t even explain how peaceful it was. I’ve never experienced a flight like that.

So many lovely afternoons looking like this. It’s my very favorite when we don’t have plans and can just…. play.

I had the perfect Mother’s Day! It was perfectly low-key and involved all my favorite things! A quiet breakfast, a morning at the playground, a looooong nap, and then a barbecue in our backyard!

I have been on the hunt for a great pair of sunglasses. I originally went into the Celine store to try on the “triomphe” pair that a friend recommended…. and fell in love with another pair. I actually think they’re men’s but I love them… just not the price tag, ha.

The happiest kid ever.

How beautiful is this little Delft-tile-inspired painting my friend Riley made of me pushing Jack on the swing. She did a series featuring mothers and I will cherish this forever.

That fresh hair cut feeling is something else. I just did a little trim ahead of summer. I like my hair long in the summer months so I can go without blow drying if I want and it’s better for buns and braids.

Picked up some really cute things for Jack for summer. This is going to be his summer uniform! (And you cannot beat these prices!!)

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