DIARY No. 98

Here’s what I’ve been up to according to my camera roll for the past couple of weeks!

Elsa and I drove down to Bay Head for a little day trip to shoot some photos for upcoming campaigns. It was so nice to be down there on a pre-season Monday. Lovely & quiet! And it felt like summer. It was my first time in Bay Head and now I’m dying to go down again. It’s really cute and an easy drive (just over an hour) from where we live.

Nothing sweeter than a toddler reading! Jack loves to climb up on the chair to sit and read. We do a lot of playing outside (and in the basement) and it’s so cute to me how he thinks of his room as a place to read books. I have stacks and stacks of books he’s been gifted since I was pregnant and he takes his time picking out books to read.

These loafers for toddlers kill me! Jack is obsessed and likes that he wears them with “no socks.” Great for summer outfits because they’re easy to slip on and off and rinse off as needed. Jack can’t wear them at daycare, but he insisted on wearing them on our walk to daycare (and then we sat at a picnic table at the playground to put his socks and sneakers on, lol, haha).

Excuse the weird photo (took it to send to a friend!), but I needed to share this dress. I am obsessed. Doen gifted it to me ahead of their summer release and it’s perfect. I need to plan a date night specifically so I can wear this dress, right!?

My hydrangeas are starting to bloom!!!! I planted ten of these Incrediball plants this spring and nine of the ten are thriving. I am pleasantly surprised. My only regret is that I didn’t plant them sooner. This would have been a perfect pandemic home project. Complete missed opportunity on my part.

If you haven’t tried Tate’s newest cookie flavor Mint Chocolate Chip. It’s their best flavor they’ve ever done. (I consider myself an expert on this….) DELICIOUS.

This right here is what summer is all about. Post beach, pre dinner chalk drawing on the sidewalk with cousins! (Oh and in matching PJs.) We had to hose them down before dinner because the chalk was everywhere. (This was admittedly not a chill mom moment for myself….) The kids had a blast though and it felt like a core memory in the making. One of the funniest parts though was all the young college kids walking to bars and restaurants all dressed up stopping to “ooh and ahh” over the kids. Also, I felt very old to be like, “yep, I’m the mom out here supervising and I will be in my own pajamas within 45 minutes…”

Jack losing his mind over a truck going down the beach!

Speaking of trucks. Highly recommend these beach toys. A little more expensive than your typical ones, but I wanted quality toys that wouldn’t break in a couple of weeks. They’re STURDY and in sweet childish colors. No sad beige baby here.

I got this two piece linen set and it’s such a good thing to have in your closet this summer. Easy to throw on and it looks adorable and put together with absolutely zero effort. And under $50!

It was the loveliest day on the Upper East Side this week. I was shooting an upcoming campaign there and thought it would be a great backdrop. (It was!) Sometimes when I visit the city, I get a little pull of wishing I hadn’t moved… but not this time. It was gorgeous, but so loud. I couldn’t believe how much construction was happening and landscaping. I could barely hear myself think. I didn’t even stay to walk around like I had planned, I just hopped in my car and drove back home.

After two not-so-good dip manicures last summer, I decided to try a gel manicure a few weeks ago. I love it. I will probably keep it up throughout the summer. It just feels like a nice little touch and I feel slightly fancier than normal. (Even if I’m just wearing workout clothes.)

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How long do you get from your gel manicures? Mine only seem to last a week or so.


So I got two VERY bad dips last summer that didn’t last… I switched salons and this previous gel lasted THREE WEEKS. I only had to get them done again because my nails got too long/overgrown!


I have to get dips because I work for a catering company and it is very hard on my hands and nails. However, loved the gel colors before I switched jobs and can’t find dip colors I like as much ☹️l

Roslynn Mitchell

I love ALL of Jack’s pics, but as a reading teacher, the one of him in his chair reading is beyond adorable!

Carlye Frye

Would love to see a post around Purses/Handbags! Need a good summer bag recomendation!


Carly that Doen dress is absolutely amazing!! I want to get one and was wondering if it is maternity friendly? Thank you!!