DIARY No. 99

An eventful two weeks to say the least! Here’s some of the fun things I’ve been up to according to my camera roll….

We got back from Little V’s wedding late Sunday night and scooped Jack up from my SILs house first thing on Monday morning. I was eager to see him. Literally couldn’t wait to squeeze him and kiss him all over. I swung by Dunkin to get coffees for everyone (and a doughnut for the best big cousin who entertained Jack all weekend long)!

This kid. He is in a big hand holding phase and I’m sure it won’t last forever. For now, though, I’ll treasure the “hold hand” demand!

Waiting on Martha sent us a new set of pasta bowls. We have a whole set of dishes from them so adding the pasta bowls to the line up was an adulting thrill. Mike and I both love using bowls for meals and these are perfect.

Love carrying my little Neely and Chloe pouch. This is the small and it fits more than you’d think!

Have you guys watched the new season of Never Have I Ever? It’s such a great show and I attempted to savor this season’s episodes so it wouldn’t end so quickly. But…. alas, I couldn’t stop! It’s laugh out loud funny and also a feel-good show.

Riley was in town for a wedding and we got together for breakfast while she was here! I gave her a little tour of my town, she got to meet Jack and Mike and the dogs, and we just got to catch up in person which was really wonderful. Riley and I first met years ago and kept in touch…. We got pregnant around the same time and had babies two weeks apart. We texted throughout the whole journey– you need a friend in the exact same boat to survive!! Grateful for her friendship.

And I went to my nieces’ dance recital. I sobbed! They were so cute!! Loved every minute of the performance.

I made the mistake of letting Jack have a hot dog on the first day we went to the pond…. and now he thinks getting a hot dog is part of the pond experience, But don’t be fooled, it does not count as dinner according to him! But like, could you deny a kid a hot dog when he flashes you that kind of smile?! (I bought him his first ever shirt with words because of it 🤣)

Props to the person who decided to put these brown butter chocolate chip cookies by the self-checkout in Whole Foods. They are addicting. I try to avoid the bakery section altogether because I can never resist them and, womp womp, there they were right at eye level. (I bought it and I ate it on the way home.)

I recently discovered that I like eggplant. This is after years of thinking I didn’t prefer it….. and turns out I really do like it. A lot. To the point where it’s become a bit of a hyperfixation, specifically one salad that has eggplant. Mike helped me make the fried eggplant for the salad at home and, wow, it turned out beyond perfect. Will share more as I continue to tweak the salad.

Elsa and I got together to help each other out with some shoots. Always love squeezing in some girl time (and getting to hold her little baby girl, too).

And last but not least, a summation of our life right now: the pond! We’re going as often as possible and it is THE DREAM. It was fun while I was pregnant in 2021. It was quite nice with a 10 month old. But with an almost two year old?!?! It is next level; we are having so much fun! (Also I edited this photo with the Tezza app and I love how it looks!)

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Dance recitals, hotdogs, and ponds, oh my! I love your fashion style but the food pics and Jack loving the hotdog and pond are next level.

Roslynn Mitchell

I LOVE that Jack sees a hot dog as a fun part of his pond routine – he’ll remember this tidbit when he has his own children.

The brown butter chocolate cookies are too good. I used to share a container of the smaller ones with my Mom. Now I buy a container for each of us because she was pointing out that I wasn’t leaving many for her.


Carly- Jack is adorable!!

I thinkk that you malt have fainted a few weeks back from altitude issues in Colorado- my Mom had terrible problems after we returned from there years ago

I would love to be able to follow you on Instagram again