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DIY Sugarfina Candy Gifts

I am a huge fan of Sugarfina candies. It’s actually one of my most favorite gifts to give and receive. I love sending the bento boxes for birthdays and if someone sends me a box or two of the sugar lips candies I will love them forever. I’ve even done Sugarfina chocolate bars as my yearend corporate gifts two years in a row.

I love the whole idea and if you want a fun treat to send to someone (whether it’s a “thank you,” a “happy holidays,” or a “just because”), you can’t go wrong.

DIY Sugarfina Boxes

It’s also something you can do yourself. I whipped these up and they took no time at all, yet are so cute and the perfect little sweet treat for someone. These are great for friends, coworkers, etc. They’re just a little something and show someone that you care without breaking the bank or going too over the top.

In high school, I cross-stitched lids of mason jars with my friends’ initials + little holly berries and filled the jars with red and green M&Ms. I seriously wish I had pictures because they came out SO cute. These are a little bit easier, though, so even a non-DIYer can accomplish these!

Candy DIY


– Holiday Candy

Mini Mason Jars (pack of 24, I found 4-packs in Target)

Skinny Grosgrain ribbon

1.5-inch circle stickers

I got all my candy in the holiday aisle at Target. For the sake of the post, I picked out a bunch of different boxes and candies, but if you’re going to be making a bunch of these (for coworkers, for example), I’d probably stick to one or two types of candies so you can purchase in bulk and save even more money. If you’re near a Dollar Store, they generally have a great selection of candies, especially around the holidays for can’t-beat prices.

DIY Candy Jars

I did a quick graphic image for the label. I kept it super, super simple: “Wishing you a SWEET holiday season. xo, Carly”

I printed them out on 1.5-inch circle labels and they fit just right on the lid. Or you could skip the sticker and make a tag to tie on with the ribbon. The sticker will cover up the branding/labeling that’s on top of the jars though, so keep that in mind!

DIY Holiday Candy Gifts

Pour the candy in! For reference, about 95% of the box of candy fit inside the jar! Tie a bow with the grosgrain ribbon and voilà! The easiest, but sweetest, gift ever.

Sour Patch Kids Holiday

DIY Candy Gifts

From left to right: Sour Patch Kids, M&M’s, Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints, Gobstoppers, and Swedish Fish!

Tell me those aren’t the cutest jars you’ve ever seen???

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LOVE them! My husband was looking for something to put together for his co-workers and I think this will be perfect! Thank you for the idea – you’re the best!

Brianna Rooney

officially sent this link to 100 people! SO cute, Carly! I’ve tried to make my own Sugarfinas before and haven’t quite gotten it right but these are great and the label on the top makes it.


OMG totally doing this for my office gifts this year! So easy and adorable! Thank youuu!

Xo, Kacie |

Unique candies

Great and simple idea. I love to give my loved ones different unique sweets, drinks etc. now my gifts will reach a new level. Thanks for the idea 🙂