Maybe I’m being super sentimental considering that I graduated from Georgetown on Saturday… but I can’t seem to help it!
Two things have remained constant over the past six (!!!) years. I have worn a bangle on my wrist that says “Live Your Dreams” and a Dogeared necklace. I will admit that I accidentally snapped one of the bangles in half during a panic attack (guilty) and I have had three different necklaces over the years. But having the thin gold cuff with my personal mantra and my necklace that has a special meaning to me makes me feel good every day.
(I’m actually quite superstitious about taking them off. I only take them off to shower. I feel like if I don’t have them on when I go to sleep, my alarm clock will malfunction and I’ll be late!!!)
As much as I love how the jewelry looks (because quite frankly I think they’re beautiful pieces on their own), I love the message of each even more. Some of my favorite Dogeared necklaces right now:
let this necklace be a reminder that yesterdays are filled with wonderful memories, and today is the beginning of a beautiful forever.

make a wish and put on your necklace. feathers are symbols of freedom, they awaken our curiosity and open our hearts and minds to possibility. wear your necklace as a reminder to follow your dreams.

make a wish and put on your necklace, women are powerful. we are the mothers, sisters, and friends that make the world go ’round! wear your necklace as a reminder that each of us is uniquely beautiful and strong.
(I think I need this one… it’s perfect.)

make a wish and put on your necklace. love, happiness, health, wealth… good fortune is out there! wear your necklace as a reminder to give it a home.

make a wish and put on your necklace. the lucky cat is a legendary symbol of longevity, prosperity and success. wear your necklace as a reminder to celebrate your lucky day… your lucky year… your lucky life!

make a wish and put on your necklace. wear it as a reminder that I love you.
Does anyone else have Dogeared jewelry (or any other “inspirational” pieces)?

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I have a pair of the english cross earrings from dogeared – I wear then constantly! They're some of my favorite studs!

Katherine Diane

My aunt and I have matching dogeared necklaces that have monkeys on them. I got them for her right before she had breast cancer treatment and she kept it with her as a happy reminder. We both still wear them all the time! 🙂


My favorite inspirational piece is my Kate Spade idiom bracelet that says "look for the silver lining."

Congrats on graduating!


I have never heard of dogeared before, but I love how everything has a meaning! My grandfather died last summer and I have taken to wearing his high school ring on a chain everyday- keeping him close by and a reminder of everything he taught me and the man that he was to so many people.

Congrats on grad!!


I think all us grads are feeling a little sentimental right now…and rightfully so!! I may need to get the yesterday, today & forever necklace… I love that!

Daniela R.

My parents bought me a gold bracelet for my baptism. As I grew older, they cut it when it no longer fitted, melted family jewels that no one ever used and added that gold to the bracelet. I never take it of (although I have to admit its mainly because it takes a little bit of patience) and feel like Im wearing family history every day!


I have the Dogeared "Karma" necklace of just a round ring, symbolizing "what goes around, comes around". It keeps me grounded and extra nice to people so hopefully the same will happen to me!


I love Dogeared! I have the elephant necklace and never take it off (not even in the shower!). I am thinking about getting a bracelet but I'm not sure which one yet

This Southern Prep

I love dogearred, I'm wearing my "pearls of love" necklace right now (I have the big pearl and small pearl) I only wish I had the gold chain instead of silver! I love that little bow!!!