Don’t Change Your Stripes

What’s that? A little bit of spring in the air?! REJOICE for temperatures that are above freezing. I’m sick of being sick of the weather. Sheesh, I’m sick of talking about the weather. My mom likes to tease me with ridiculous temperatures are heading to NYC. Everyone is tweeting about the weather. And then, of course, there’s the temptation of spring clothes and open toe shoes and bright colors.
I’m trying to put together some spring bucket list items in the city (and surrounding areas)… Any suggestions and “must dos” would be gladly welcomed!! #1 right now is the orchid show at the NY Botanical Garden!
I recently got these peep-toe mules and they had been sitting on my kitchen table (where else would I keep my shoes?!) for about a month just waiting for a nice day. I wore them on Saturday and then recreated the look when I was out with Rebecca because I just had to share how much I’m obsessed with them. 
(Also, I could wear this Saint James tee every day if it were acceptable.)

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Jessica Joyce

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden during the spring is incredible with all the cherry blossoms, but of course even better when all the tulips are out.
WORD OF ADVICE: It's free admission on Tues/Sat, if you arrive before 11 AM!

Your Friend, Jess

Cinco Powell

Nice styling Carly! You picked the perfect outfit to go with the bag…love how the shoes match the leather perfectly. Just a great look for you!