Dorm Room and Apartment Bedding

So big things are happening for me (yay!!!) and I’m fairly certain that big things are happening for you too. Personally, I’ve started apartment hunting. Good lord, is it a difficult process. I much prefer the “random residence hall assignments” that we had in college. So much simpler. And it looks like my dorm room will be two times bigger than where I end up living… ha. ha.
Regardless of whether you’re moving into a dorm, moving into a new apartment, or just in the mood to upgrade your bedroom…. finding new bedding is such a fun challenge. (Anyone else spend hours going back and forth between different websites debating over different colors and prints???)
My room at home is Simply Shabby Chic bedding (I upgraded to the plain white last summer!) from Target and my dorm room bedding last year was also from Target. I borrowed Sporty Sister’s bedding from her freshman year!!!
(My freshman and sophomore year rooms had super bright pink and green bedding, but I grew out of it really quickly. I wanted something more grown up and less childish!)
Anyway, as you can tell… I’m a big fan of bedding from Target. I find it really difficult to justify ridiculously expensive bedding. Especially when I get bored and ultimately want to change it after at the most two years. (Plus, when you’re living in your dorm, your bed also serves as a couch, a desk, and even a dinner table….)
Target just launched this new application called uStyler and asked if I wanted to test it out… Knowing how much I already loved Target’s bedding, I knew I couldn’t say no!
It’s pretty fun. Instead of having a million and one tabs open on your computer, you can simply use this application to mix and match everything for your room. You can see a little sample of how it will turn out.
This is the room I styled!!! I had a lot of fun going through the different bedding choices. I ultimately decided on the Lollipop Red Floral comforter. It’s even prettier in person!
Target sent me everything I had picked out and I was so excited to test it out. I’m moving soon (ahhh) but couldn’t wait. The bedding definitely clashed with my pink and green striped walls so I used Sporty Sister’s room as the backdrop. She was out of town… hope she doesn’t mind!
How perfect did everything come together??? Loving it!

Even SoHo loves the butterfly chair!
hehe how adorable?

The accent pillow is just darling.

The iPod (note, not iPhone) alarm clock is really fun. I don’t have any iPod speakers so it’s a very welcomed addition. And I think the acrylic table lamp is super chic!!!
I’m a big fan of memo boards. I think they’re super fun and easy to change. You don’t have to worry about digging around your desk to find a pushpin… just slide in and you’re good to go.
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For this post I received monetary compensation, but (as always) my opinions are my own!!!

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What a cool concept! This will be perfect for when I move to L.A. permanently in 9 months and get my own apartment for this first time 🙂 Can't wait to try it out!


Exciting news about apartment hunting! I'm the same way with my bedding…I get sick of it SO quickly! I also had the pink/green combo my freshman year, and I outgrew it by my sophomore as well. Now I have simple white with a green accent.

Also, this has the potential to sound uber creepy, but did you live in Harbin Hall as a freshman? I remember visiting my friend Kaitlin who went to Georgetown for a year, and I thinkkkk I might have seen your room. I remember all the Lilly Pulitzer and the view of the football field in the picture you linked to!


How exciting! I just moved into my new apartment last month and I actually got my bedding from Ikea (along with all my furniture). My mom is currently buying new bedding for my old room at home and I sent her links for Target.


Omg the bedding is so cute!! I'm currently apartment hunting too and that Target app will definitely be a life saver for styling my room!

Jennifer Breen

Hey Carly

I am heading off to boarding school and I love your bedding from this years dorm room.
Could you please link it (blue bedding) ?