DOs and DON’Ts of Henley attire

Henley was amazing. Are you guys getting tired of these posts yet? Haha… I just loved it so much, I can’t stop talking about my trip!

Remember my desperate posts to find dresses for the regatta? Well, thankfully I found some great options.

This dress is from Gap. Dresses have to be below the knees for the Steward’s Enclosure. And they’ll definitely turn you away if you don’t comply. I bought the dress two sizes bigger than I normally would. And let the adjustable straps out all the way and it just barely made it passed my knees.

This yellow dress was one that I had stored away from high school. I wore it as a sophomore to the graduation ceremony. It’s from Banana Republic… my favorite part is the big yellow sash that ties in a bow on the back!

I wore a third dress for Sunday, but I didn’t take any pictures. The dress was actually from Target. Seriously, who would have guessed? I really liked it a lot.

With all three dresses, I wore Ann Taylor espadrilles that I’ve had since early high school as well. The wedge was perfect for walking on grass. Some women were wearing heels that sunk into the ground, not fun!

Now, the best part about racing (okay, maybe not the best part, but definitely a perk!) is getting the team blazers. Little V’s boyfriend, and last year’s team captain, ordered ours for us. We were obsessed! It’s great to walk around the regatta and instantly be able to spot the different teams. I may be a little partial, but our blazers were pretty darn awesome!

Big Mike and I were obsessed with the Dutch blazers! Grey flannel with red piping. Very legit.

Now, I must admit, I did like our competitors-turned-friend’s blazers from Lady Margaret. We raced them four times over our Henley tour, eventually beating them in the first round (sorry guys!). They were lots of fun and we hung out with them after we were eliminated. We really want them to come to DC for some friendly racing/practicing this coming school year. They’re all so great.

Cute right? And I am referring to the blazers 😉

I accumulated a mental list of things not to wear after some Henley-People-Watching.

  1. If you have a tattoo, cover it up.
  2. Wearing a sarong over a dress to make it long enough doesn’t count
  3. Hats can be really fun, but don’t look stupid
  4. Wear the proper undergarments
  5. The race is in the summer, so summer colors are most appropriate
  6. Prom/homecoming dresses have their time and place, not here though
  7. Leave the grandma dresses for the grandmas. Mother of the Bride like dresses are nice if you’re over 55.


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I agree, that guy in the Red blazer is really cute – Hope you got his number!!!


Just stumbled across your blog through the Lilly blog. I had a chuckle because the sub-heading I used on mine is almost the same as your blog title.

Definitely loving the blazers, very cute 😉