Dreamland- I love this IDEA!

When I find a new blog I like, I tend to go through every single post in one sitting. Depending on how old the blog is, it can take me hours. But I love looking through the posts and seeing the great ideas people have!

My latest find? Dreamland

Her blog is so inspirational. I love the handwriting posts she does. I will be forever jealous of people with cute/amazing/perfect/fancy handwriting. Ever since fourth grade, I have been on the never ending quest to perfect my penmanship. (I used to try to copy little Amelia’s perfect script to no avail.)

My favorite post of hers? 15 MinutesShe has a jar with little tasks on it. Whenever she has a spare 15 minutes, she pulls a slip of paper out of the jar and does the task! Some of are fun (pedicures), while others are chores (clean a closet).

I love love love this idea! I always find myself with random amounts of time in between classes. This is the perfect solution to be efficient during random down time.

What kinds of tasks could you complete in 15 minutes?


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I'm definitely a new fan too! I just did the same thing with another website: and I read SO many posts back. I'm planning on writing about it soon!


I love, Love, LOVE the jar idea… What a creative way to get those pesky, little, jobs-that-never-seem-to-get-done, DONE! I might permanently borrow that one!


Hmmm!!! It took me 15 mins. just to realize there is no task which I could complete in 15 mins. and have it done thoroughly.


I'm the same way when I find a new blog! I end up going so far back, that all of a sudden I find myself at the end. I figure I spend hours looking at one blog, going back and skimming over every post! Heading over to look at Dreamland right now, looks great! Love your blog and especially Confessions of a College Prepster!

I have been envious of my mom's, friends and others handwriting since I learned to write! I still have others write out a couple important papers I look at frequently so they look nice!



My mom had a "bored jar" when we were little. If you said you were bored, which she believed we shouldn't be, we had to select sometihng out of the bored jar. Some were fun, most were not. My mom got a lot of work crossed off her list with this jar! Such a great idea!


Every time I open the linen closet door, I am thankful for my 15 minute jar! (Although, it took 15 minutes PER shelf, ugh.) I think I will have to start a "bored jar" now for the kids, great idea.

Thanks for the shout out!
Gina from Dreamland