Dubarry Boots at the Farm

I wanted to give my parents the full fall-in-New-England experience while they were in town last week. There is something about this particular October that has me absolutely going bananas about fall. I can’t get enough of it all and wish it could last all year.
We decided on Fishkill Farms for a pumpkin and apple adventure. (Garrett and I went this summer for strawberries and cherries and really loved it.) The entire drive out there, I couldn’t stop staring out the windows and I must have exclaimed, “Look at that tree!” four hundred times. I’m surprised no one threw me out of the car.
We went on a Thursday and it felt like we had the whole farm to ourselves! Because it was pretty empty, we could easily drive around the property. We started at the pumpkin patch.
Naturally, I wanted all the pumpkins…
If there’s one thing I know about going to a farm or orchard, it’s that the right shoes make all the difference. You can, of course, wear a pair of sneaks… but a pair of boots felt just right for this gorgeous fall day. 
A few months ago, I had the chance to meet the Dubarry team. I love hearing about a brand’s heritage and history while getting a peek at the products. You may be familiar with the brand already if you grew up riding horses as the boots are quite popular in the equestrian world. The company got its start manufacturing fine leather shoes in Galway, Ireland back in 1937. Sailing was prevalent there, so they worked on mastering a great deck shoe. Eventually, they started working on country boots as well, with their signature Galway boot being the most popular!
I picked out the Cork boot for this post because I loved the Chelsea-esque bootie. They are also waterproof because they are lined with GORE-TEX®, truly making them a versatile shoe for any kind of weather. I really, really appreciate that these boots can work on a rainy day without looking like you’re wearing a full rain boot. They were the perfect shoe to wear to the farm because the weather was a bit too warm for a full boot, but I still wanted to protect my feet from the elements, including the dust and dirt.
When we first got to the farm, it was chilly and crisp… and then it started warming up. It was insanely beautiful, we couldn’t have picked a better day. The four of us couldn’t resist rolling down our windows and opening up the sun roof to take in the fresh air as we drove around the apple orchard.
I will go to great lengths to get the best apples, let me tell you. I have an unfair advantage at my height getting stuck with the low hanging fruit. 
And we finished up the day with apple cider doughnuts, of course. I could have had ten more. So, freaking good.
Dubarry Boots (c/o) // Fisherman Sweater (c/o) // Plaid Shirt // Jeans (my pair is c/o from last year) // Monogrammed Tote

Thank you Dubarry for sponsoring this post!

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Did you find you had to size down for these boots as Dubarry suggests?! Cannot find any info on this 🙁


Hi Carly,
I know this post was from awhile ago. But I am looking into buying these boots for my winter trip to Italy. I was wondering how heavy these boots are? We are going to be doing a lot of walking I don’t want a heavy or uncomfortable boot.