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Easy Gift for Girlfriends (Under $10!)

Busy getting gifts for friends? I’ve been slowly working my way through my “big ticket” items for everyone on my list… but it’s getting expensive. Phew!
This is the easiest and cutest little gift for friends. You can do it in bulk without spending an arm and a leg. Everyone on your list will feel special! Because, I mean, who doesn’t love nail polish and red is just so… festive. (Plus there are tons of options so all of your friends can get her own color!)
What you need:
– Nail polishes
– Ribbon or twine
– Card Stock
– Hole punch/Scissors
Super Easy Instructions:
Download the printable. It will open in Google drive. Download it as a Word document. Print onto a sheet of card stock. (I brought mine to Kinkos and printed it there!) Use scissors or a paper slicer to divide the tags. (Each tag is 3.5″ wide and 2″ tall; the same size as a standard business card.) Hole punch the left hand corner. Add a note on the back. Use twine or ribbon to tie the card to the polish! Gift away!
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I love this idea! This is adorable. I'm pretty set as far as gift shopping is concerned, but I'll be sure to pass this along to my sister. 🙂

Katie George

The gift tags make the polish look so much more complete & who doesn't love getting a new nail polish??? Such a great idea.

xo Katie,


This is such a great idea! Super cute and affordable, after all it's the thought that counts right? Another great friend gift idea that I'm putting into use this year is pajama pants. Love the cute ones at Old Navy and the prices and sales are great too! 🙂


May I have a copy of the printable, red toes reindeer, please? It’s such a cute idea. Would like to share with my co-workers.
Thank You, SG