Eight iPhone Apps You Don’t Need (but should download anyway)

I’ve only had my iPhone for just about a year. The first app I downloaded was Instagram (of course). And then I promised myself that I wouldn’t become an “app addict.” For a while I was pretty good, and then all of a sudden… I realized I had pages and pages and folders and folders of apps. I’ve organized and cutdown quite a bit since my realization, but I kept my favies!
In case it wasn’t already sufficiently clear, I am a huge nerd. Most people are surprised until they talk to me for more than five minutes. At some point in the conversation they’ll give me a weird look for something weird I said. Like my bizarre (and thorough) obsession with the endocrine system. Or my personal challenge to memorize Excel functions. Or my general love for numbers of all kind.
I kind of associate apps with nerdiness, but more in the backend development way.
But I do love my apps!!!
(For this I’m ignoring the “usual” social apps.)
Pocketbooth | This was one of the Starbucks apps that they give you a code for a free download. Elana and I are obsessed with photobooths. So much so that we are in the process of hunting down every. single. one. in NYC. We’ve made great progress so far. This app is seriously fun. It’s kind of like my Instagram Photostrips tutorial minus the actual DIY part. You can save to your phone, share on social media, and even have printed (and then shipped). | I talked a little bit about in my post about sticking to budgets. This is a great app if you’re on a budget (like me)! It’s convenient and quite customizable for individual’s needs! I generally know where I am within my budget, but taking the app out to confirm that I cannot buy another pair of shoes is really great.
Uber | This app is available in a handful of cities. But even if your city isn’t included, it’s still worth a download because you might travel to a city where they have it! The service is essentially a private car so you don’t have to hail taxis. My experiences with taxi cabs in the city is that you can only get one when you don’t need it right away. Because when you’re in a rush, they’re never available. That’s almost one thing you can count on. With Uber, it knows your location with GPS and tells you where the nearest Ubers are…. and it tells you how long until it shows up. Brilliant. (You also pay with the app since your credit card is saved.)
Flashlight | You don’t think you need it… until you need it. Go ahead and download it. It might sit dormant for a couple of months. I promise, however, that it will come in handy. Guaranteed. 
Starbucks | I use it primarily to find the nearest Starbucks. Yes, you could walk three blocks and stumble on the next one, but it is actually more useful than you’d think. My favorite feature is that the app tells you if the locations are open or not. You can also save your usual drink, download the “single of the week,” and pay for your order with a linked card.
Shazam | Tagging songs is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve mentioned before that I never used to be into music. But I get it now. This is an amazing way to find new artists, save tags to songs you want to download, and end bets for those “Oh, what’s the name of this song again??”
8mm | INSTAGRAM FOR VIDEOS!!!!!!! I have so much fun collecting vignettes and experimenting with the different filters. They make videos a lot more interesting with very little extra work. This is a video I made last December with the app!
Goodreads | Ah, I save the nerdiest for the last!!! If I’m out and about, I nearly always pop into a bookstore (or two). They’re everywhere. Barnes and Noble is such a horrible (read: amazing) place for me to go. But I also love other independent and quirky stores. Instead of writing down the name of a book that piques your interest (let’s be honest… those pieces of paper tend to disappear), you can scan the barcode and add the book to your “to read” shelf. LOVE. You can also update your status in a book and keep track of your reading progress on the go.
What are your favorite “not necessary, but fun” apps? 
PS This is what a Photostrip from Pocketbooth looks like!!! Evann, Elana, and me!

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Hmmm, I just downloaded Uber. I don't live in an area they service, but I do make my way down to DC on a regular basis and am still trying to figure that city out! Thank you!

Other suggestions: Clear/Wunderlist. Beautifully simple task management.


IMDB is an app I use all the time! It's perfect to settle disputes when you're not near your computer. I love it.

Thanks for the recommendations! I downloaded Goodreads. When you wrote about it a while ago I immediately went to the website and made an account. It's awesome! Thanks for that too 🙂

Kristie C.

Mint is AMAZING. I link both my bank accounts to it and it has really made a difference in my spending and is a great personal accounting tool.

Great post!


I used Mint for a while, but honestly I don't really like it. It functionality is kind of bland and there's too many ads in your alerts section.
You should really go to LearnVest. Not only is the GUI online & in app better, but the articles/content/community better as well. And it's a women-founded startup just like LevoLeague, so it has my vote!

carelessly graceful


I have a flashlight app, it's not the one listed above, and I use it all the time more then I ever thought. And I love the photo booth app I found out about it from those Starbucks cards.

Alexandrea J. Wilson

Ok you just said goodreads and now I am OFFICIALLY in love with you. I LOVE THAT SITE AND THAT APP! 🙂 This was a great list and I actually have most of them so yay! 🙂 Go us!! 🙂