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My sleeping patterns have been all over the place recently. With a no-day-is-the-same schedule, my nights are almost never the same. One night I might be up until 3am getting through a project on a deadline. The other night I might find myself at a four-hour dinner catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. Or watching a movie and cuddling on the couch. Or sucked into a book that I just can’t put down!
Some mornings I wake up rested and other mornings I’m dragging a little bit. I’m absolutely a morning a person and generally can’t sleep in much even if I’m exhausted… I literally toss and turn the minute the sun starts coming up. Rather annoying.
While last year I felt like I was constantly running on fumes (sleeping about three hours a night), this year I can actually manage my energy. I’m so much more in control of how I feel throughout the day and it’s a game changer. Of course, some days are better than others and I would certainly classify it as a work in progress.
My energy management tips:
ONE // Choices
Seriously, good energy basically comes down to making good choices. Procrastination drains energy (more stress) in and of itself, but it also can mean loss of energy afterward– you’re up late getting things done last minute. Lounging around all weekend might seem relaxing, but do you ever get up at the end of the day feeling even more sluggish? Yep. Energy management. And even though it would be so great to stay up really late watching every episode of House of Cards, if you have important things the next day, you just shouldn’t. (Although, this totally doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! You just have to make better choices based on your priorities!)
To be honest, I often stay up later than I should doing who knows what and I tend to regret it more in the morning than fun I had the night before. Not worth it!
TWO // Coffee and Sugar

Believe it or not, I’ve significantly cut back on my caffeine intake. Like… I only drink a small cup in the morning now and a latte only if I’m in my favorite cafe. I feel so much better. There are definitely days when I need more coffee than one cup, but those are times when I totally made a bad decision at some point (see number one). As for the sugar, contrary to what my Instagram may look like, I don’t really eat that much sugar during the day. It makes a big difference in that I don’t get spikes of energy.
Oh, and weening myself off the coffee wasn’t really easy, but I just made the decision to not drink as much and started significantly cutting back over time. I crave coffee at, like, 10pm now still but I resist the urge!!!
THREE // Filling Food

During the day, I tend to eat really simple food that just makes me feel… energized? I think it’s probably different for everyone what makes you feel full and full of energy. For me, I tend to eat two eggs of some sort (scrambled, hard boiled, omelet) and peanut butter toast for lunch. (I don’t eat breakfast, I know… so bad, but it makes me want to take a nap!) And then in the afternoon, I’ll have some sort of fruit (oranges currently) and a smoothie. And then a bigger dinner (sometimes healthier than other times).
Feeling full without feeling like I’m in a food coma is super important for my body to maintain its energy. Obviously, I’m not a nutritionist and just go off of what I feel my body saying… but I don’t think it would hurt for anyone to sit down with a professional and work out personal meal plans for better energy!
Also… if I get too busy for a meal, I more often than not find myself uncontrollably HANGRY. #nobueno. My productivity goes out the window at that point. Then I have to eat and take a nap to get back to neutral. Eating properly and regularly is way easier and way better across all fronts.
FOUR // Getting Up and Getting Away

My biggest source of lack of energy is when I’m beyond annoyed or frustrated or mad. That’s when I know I need to get up from my computer and away from whatever is causing me stress. Taking Teddy out for a walk or running out for a couple of forgotten errands. I come back feeling refreshed and ready to go with lots of energy.
FIVE // Avoid the Bed and Couch

Seriously… My iMac is the best thing for me because it forces me to sit upright at a desk. Lounging on a bed or couch makes me feel so sluggish. There’s definitely a such thing as too comfortable! My rule of thumb? If I can close my eyes and comfortably fall asleep then I shouldn’t be working there. (Pinterest on Saturday mornings on the couch, however, is totally fine by me!)
With ever-growing to do lists, maintaining my energy throughout the day is so so so important to my productivity and success… What are your personal tips?

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These are amazing tips!

I'm currently in my second year of med school and honestly there is not that can be done for how much sleep I get, but ever since I started studying at my desk and not in bed, I feel so much more productive!

AJ |


Great tips! I always feel more productive when I get up and go for a run. Sometimes getting out and doing something physical for a while really clears my mind, and I feel so much better after working out. Also I've totally fallen asleep on my bed with my laptop…oops! 🙂

Scalloped and Bows

I needed to read that right now. You know when your in university, and you have a million things due at once, and you feel so accomplished once you've finished, so you take a break, and next thing you know the second million things are due. And before you know it, it's the night before the projects due and you're still only half done sitting on your bed crying about how much you hate university? (Or is this just me; I really hope it's not just me). I've been trying to eat better, instead of binge cookie eating at 1:00am to keep me awake, but it's hard when you're stressed. Sigh.



I sit in front of a computer all day, so I know for myself I need to get up and walk around or go catch up with a co-worker for a few minutes. This really helps me get a little more energy. Also, I've been trying to drink a whole bottle of water when I wake up or I'm getting ready for the day. I found that doing this really helps my mornings. I still reach for that cup of coffee, but it's usually not till later in the morning (around 9:30-10AM).


Love this! I am definitely one of those people who gets massively Hangry, I just cannot think straight when I need food. It doesn't take much to get my back to normal, so I've started carrying around these really awesome coconut banana muffins that I made and froze 🙂

Playground Prepster

I find throwing in a brisk walk or a reason to head up and down the stairs always helps my energy! I also crave a smoothie almost every day (although I'm hugely pregnant so I crave a lot of things) 🙂

Kim Topolewski

Over the past 2 months, I felt so sluggish and just bleh. I blame it on the weather, being cold (even in the South! What's up with that??) and all. But now I've developed a routine for myself. I still don't make it into work as early as I would like, but I'm getting better at being a morning person!

Especially back when I interned in college, I would fall asleep at my desk (whoops!). I don't think my body understood normal business hours. Now I'm much better and only really get tired if a) I don't get enough sleep or b) my blood sugar drops too low/it's around lunchtime.

carelessly graceful

Carla TBB

Oh yes, as a college student myself I should know! Procrastination and coffee are an everyday thing for me! Maybe you could make an entire post on foods that give you energy? I would love to read it!
The Beauty Break

Lauren Scorzafava

Great tips! I don't always do it but I find on the mornings I start my day with a green smoothie I have way more energy all day. I probably should do it everyday but I'm always afraid of waking everyone else up.

Lauren Elizabeth
Petite in Pearls

Emily Rizer

Ahh I loved reading this! Everyone thought I was crazy for giving up coffee but I swear it keeps me more awake without it! Plus I love chai tea way more anyways!

Emily |


Great tips! I weaned off coffee last year, but now let myself have 1 cup a day. If I want something in the afternoon, I have a half/caf or decaf coffee…most of the the time just having something hot wakes me up!

As for breakfast, it's not totally necessary to have breakfast in the morning! Some studies show it can actually help you have MORE energy if you are "fasting" in the morning hours and have your first meal around lunch time 😉

Patty –


These are great tips. As a freelancer, I don't get up and out enough. One thing that helps me is to get dressed in the morning first thing. Of course, this doesn't necessarily apply on weekends when I'm not necessarily going anywhere, but during the week, shower and get dressed first thing. It really makes a difference.


Guess who made bad choice last night?
Yep, me. Reading study related articles in my bed and watching tv shows till too late too remember times.

After reading that I feel like I need to change. Thanks x

Patricija xx

Alexandra Puccini

So funny that you mention not doing work in bed…

Fell asleep last night by 9:30 because I was doing some reading for a proposal in bed. Woke up at 4. I need to control my energy!

Thanks for the post Carli!



Oh I’m guilty of a lot of these, and I didn’t even know it! I just got my first full sleep in a long time so I am gonna try to keep it up with trying to fix some of these habits.
Thank you for you advice. (: