Essentials for your Desk

I am one of those people who tend to collect things for my desk. I don’t think I could ever have enough sticky notes, notepads, or pens! It’s a borderline problem… but I secretly love love love it. One of the side effects of this issue is that the drawers of the desk overflow!!! I have to take a million things out every time I need to get something out. 
In order to de-clutter a little bit… I’ve narrowed everything desk-related down to the essentials only! While I am going to try not to purchase any more desk supplies, I will definitely be keeping my desk supplies to a minimum when I move!
Here is the list I came up with… let me know what you think should be added!
Paper Clips | I love all kinds of paper clips, but if given the choice, I’d choose colored or a fun design for mine. These scooter paper clips are just too funny. The little tin those come in are perfect for desks, but if you want to display your paper clips ON your desk… here’s a cool solution!
Notepads | These are my real downfall… I can’t stop. In my defense, I go through quite a few sheets a day. Every time I’m in Michaels, I swear I end up leaving with a notepad from the $1 section. (That dollar section is dangerous!!!) So if I needed more notepads,  Kate Spade’s The Long List or The Short List pads (maybe both?) would be the first things in my shopping cart.
Stamps + Stationery | I like to have a few stamp booklets ready to go in my desk. That way the minute I need to mail a letter, I don’t have to worry about running to the post office to hunt down stamps! As far as stationery goes, I like to have a pretty good sized collection. Thank you notes, flat cards, mini cards, monogrammed sets, cute sets, professional notecards… etc. This is the one desk supply that I could never cut down on!!! Loving these bikini notecards from Design Darling!
Mighty Mouse | My hands always end up cramping from spending so much time on my laptop. I need a mouse for sure!
Paper | I am super picky about paper. I like to have notebook paper, printer paper, and cardstock. As far as notebook paper goes, I absolutely love the Five Star Reinforced Filler Paper. I mean, it’s the creme de la creme of paper. Once you start using it, you will never be able to use regular notebook paper ever again!!! Don’t forget to stock up on page protectors too– I have a serious addiction to those!
Pens + Pencils | I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise, but I am in love with Pilot Precise V5 (never V7!) pens. I buy them in the multi-color pack and go through the pack every six months or so. The pens last a fairly long time! The green is by far my most favorite. It’s a traditional color (i.e. doesn’t look that ridiculous to fill out forms with), but it’s still a little different than the boring blue or black. As far as pencils go, I tend to only use Paper Mate Sharpwriter. It doesn’t feel like a crazy, fancy schmancy mechanical pencil, but never needs to be sharpened. (If you need highlighters, I highly recommend Sharpie GEL Highlighters!)
Sticky Notes | Anyone else a sticky note hoarder? While I love regular Post-Its, I think printed and patterned sticky notes are just so much more fun! (Here’s an old post about my sticky note collection!) This Jonathan Adler set includes just about every size and shape you could ever need!
Stapler & Tape | Because you never know when you need it!

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Love this post! Going back to school in just over 3 weeks so I'm starting to think about stuff I need to get for my dorm room and this post definitely helped! And I totally know what you mean about sticky notes….I use those sooo much during the school year!!!


I'm an office supply freak, which makes sense {I'm a teacher!} I love all of those supplies, especially the cute notepads. Happy Tuesday!


Love this list! Ever since I went away for uni, I've had a hard time making sure I have enough stationary. Completely agree with everything on the list, I need to have a notepad to keep me on track during the day. The kate spade ones are adorable!

Mackenzie {Design Darling}

I am a school supply fiend and I love that the bikini notecards from my boutique are in the mix! I'm also dying to create a stationery box that has cards for every thinkable occasion — birthdays, thank yous, and just saying hello!


I agree with you 100% on the Fivestar paper! Someone passed around a piece as an attendance list in one of my classes last year and I have not bought any other type of paper since.

Also, for exam notes I use coloured paper and I use Cambridge pads because they are also thicker 🙂

Julia D.

I'm with you. I think I need to go to some sort of office supply rehab. Going back to school shopping for these sorts things is always way more exciting for me than it should be.


This sounds just like me! I am an office supply hoarder lol. I love notebooks, sticky pads, and cute pens/pencils. It seems I can never have enough!