Essie Cashmere Matte Collection Giveaway

There’s nothing I love more than testing out a great new nail polish. I tend to know where my comfort zone is in terms of nail polish colors, but I will give just about anything one chance. Sometimes I find something that I just don’t end up caring for and other times it’s a match made in heaven. I love when it ends up being something that I totally didn’t expect to love.
The Cashmere Matte collection from Essie blew my mind in terms of nail polish. I have seen the matte trend in all the fashion magazines and on Pinterest, but I could never wrap my mind around the idea of a matte finish. To me, it seemed like it would be the feeling of a chalkboard (goosebumps…) and nothing seemed appealing about that. Essie graciously let me try the collection and I have to say, I was shocked at how much I loved the finish. Instead of the chalky feel, it was incredibly smooth and more pearly than a normal “shiny” finish.
The polish goes on like normal, but dries with the finish and even a little faster/better than traditional ones. I’m wearing “Wrap Me Up” below and thought it was like a mix between “Ballet Slippers’ and “Marshmallow.” The matte just noticeable enough where it feels like you’re wearing something different, but not so noticeable that the feel is distracting.
Want to try the collection, too? Enter to win all six polishes from Essie’s Cashmere Matte collection below:

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Good luck!

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Audrey Lin

My first matte polish was a blue one from Claire's when I was in middle school 😛 I'm horrible at applying polish though, and the matte seemed to make my mistakes more visible. I don't know if that was because of the quality of Claire's polish though. The Essie cashmere matte looks so great on your nails! I daresay that it looks "soft!" Is that even possible for nails to look soft?? 😛 Loving it! I may have to give these a try 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


These are just breathtaking colours; the perfect mix of feminine details and office appropriate and the matte is a fun twist!


zoie pokorney

i love matte finishes, very chic, i will definitely check out this collection either way. thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

xoxo, Zoie 🙂