everyday jewelry

Here are the three pieces of jewelry that I wear every day.

Dogeared three wishes necklace. I’ve switched from the good luck key. It’s a little bit of a long story, but basically I wore this necklace all summer and really haven’t wanted to take it off!

Of course, my LIVE YOUR DREAMS bracelet. And a ring I stole from Sporty Sister! Remember how I never could wear rings before? Well I can wear this one!!! In fact, I’ve worn it so much that if I don’t have it on, I feel naked!

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Carolina City Girl

hah! i totally identify with this post. the only ring i wear religiously is my college onyx ring…it's a huge tradition at my alma mater and it is always on my right hand ring finger 🙂


I think just about every college female can relate to this post! You want to look good, but don't want to be overdone just to walk to class. Check our Dirty Pretty Things Jewelry for more affordable, everyday jewelry.


I don't wear the same thing everyday, but I definitely have those "go-to" items when I'm low on inspiration for accessorizing. I love these items – simple, meaningful and good-looking!