Everything I’ve learned this year…

I’ve learned a lot since moving to New York City. A lot about relationships (both friendships and otherwise). A lot about myself. A lot about life. I’m obviously still learning a lot, especially about how to balance having a life and finding success at work. If I had to write a book about my life at this exact moment it would literally be titled Finding Work-Life Balance. I am like a 23 year old walking cliche.
The best part is that I’m working at a company that is all about this. So I learn a lot along the way. Seriously just sitting in the office is a huge dose of education. I’m super lucky to work with the some of the smartest young women. Every day I watch and I listen and I learn. Besides the fact that I’m inspired by everyone in the actual office, I learn an insane amount from Office Hours. (Even though I work at Levo League, I promise this isn’t a plug.)
Technically, I have to watch every single Office Hours that goes on because of my job. But truthfully I look forward to the online chats every Tuesday and Thursday. It’s impossible to watch the thirty minute chat and not come away feeling inspired. I tend to hit a wall in the middle of the afternoon (I call it my midafternoon quarterlife crisis and Meredith hits the wall too). The inspiring videos always gives me that extra burst I need to get through the day.
Not only do I feel inspired watching them, but I learn a lot. Part of it is that these women (and men) have been there before and they tell you things that they wish they had known. (This is obviously something that I would enjoy.) The other aspect is that it’s nice to know that everyone has had lots of ups and downs. Everyone has overcome challenges. Everyone has made mistakes. Everyone has felt insecure. Everyone struggles to find great balance. Knowing this and seeing that they’ve “made it” is beyond reassuring.
Working at Levo League means that everyone who walks through the doors is awesome. Really, you never know who is going to be standing in our kitchen. Every day brings someone new.
Kate White and Christine Hassler have both visited our offices and they gave us the best advice ever. Two of the things they said have seriously stuck with me:
Christine Hassler: The way people treat others is often how they treat themselves. That is, if someone is being unnecessarily harsh to you, imagine how they talk to and treat themselves.
Kate White: When you’re really ready for something right to come along, it will. But you have to be ready and willing and open for the new thing. That is, if you want a new job or a new boyfriend or a new anything, when you’re truly ready it will happen.
Yes, I’ve been super homesick lately and part of that is missing my mom. But, I feel like I have a whole slew of “moms” out there at work and because of work. 
Where do you find inspiration and support from?


PS We also had a ton of dogs in our office last week. LOVE.

PPS You can follow me on Levo League now! (You have to sign in/up first and then you can activate the connections feature!)

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Jordan Alexandria

I guess I find inspiration and support from my parents, my brother, and my two best friends. Also, just the fact that I am alive and well is inspiration enough.

I absolutely love your blog. 🙂


I love that Christine Hassler quote!! We have a white board at my work in our break room where I write inspirational quotes on there. I'm definitely writing that one up there! It's perfect!


Deonnah Davis

You have such an amazing job. Levo League is great, I check there website and twitter feed religiously, no joke. It's funny how you receive inspiration from everyone at Levo League while I, MYSELF, get inspiration and motivation from your blog post everyday. I am so glad that I came across your blog in the Fall of last year. I haven't seemed to get enough of what you have had to say. It is always something new and refreshing everyday. Keep Being Great Like You ARE!!!


Sam (Savvy City Chic)

I know what you mean. I work in awesome environment where I am constantly inspired to achieve more. Sheryl Sandberg, Micky Drexler, Gabby Giffords are all people who have stopped by my office to give us talks. Definitely read Sheryl's book Lean In if you haven't already.