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I can’t believe that I’m coming up on my one year NYC anniversary! The first year here has been amazing and seriously something right out of a movie screenplay (can’t make this up). One thing that I haven’t been so great at is actually taking advantage of the city.
I spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of the city when I was a senior at Georgetown. (That’s what you get for long distance…) It definitely feels like I did a lot more city things during those visiting weekends than I have since living here.
Most days it’s wake up, get on the subway, go to work, avoid the crowds in Union Square for lunch, work more, get back on the subway, go home. 
With my mom and sister and my sister’s friend were in town, it was the perfect excuse to cross some of my summer-in-the-city bucket list items! Actually, they came to my office because I was in a meeting until 6:30 that Friday and we had no idea what to do. One of my friends at work suggested we go down to the High Line.
Oh my goodness.
It is such a not-so-secret hidden gem in the city. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it and seen so many great Instagrams, but I hadn’t exactly made the effort to go. It’s my new favorite place in the city. It’s beautiful, full of interesting people, and just a little different.
What is the High Line? It’s an elevated public park on the historic freight rail line. The views of the streets in the Meatpacking district are amazing… and the views of the Hudson River are beautiful too. Especially at sunset!
We took a cab over and climbed the stairs just as the sun was beginning to set. We walked the entire length stopping along the way for pictures and chatting before heading back uptown for dinner.
This is a photo from my iPhone. If an iPhone can capture this beauty… can you imagine what it looks like in person?
Oh, it was such a fun Friday family night 🙂


Have you been to the High Line? What’s your favorite place in the city that you recommend I explore next?


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How fun! I have only visited New York City a couple of times, so I don't have any new places you could visit, but I love Times Square!



looks so awesome!
a place for me to visit if i ever get the chance to go to nyc 🙂


The High Line is definitely awesome! I took a walk along there once after a stop at the Chelsea Market (love!) I still really want to go to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, get my hair done at Dream Dry or the Dry Bar, and make my way through more of the museums (The Frick, the Met, etc). My favorite NYC memory was walking the Brooklyn Bridge at Sunset to get pizza at Grimaldi's.


That iphone photo is insane! Gorgeous.

I've only visited NYC once, and that was for a rushed long weekend, and I kind of live vicariously through you bloggers who live there… one day I'll go back!


I will have to visit the High Line the next time I'm in New York! I've heard such raving things about it. I'm counting the days till I'm back in the city.




I went to the High Line last time I visited New York, and I really enjoyed it. My recommendation when friends visit is to eat at John's Pizzeria; it's delicious!

Jessica Joyce

When I discovered High Line (late 2012), I couldn't believe I've been missing on it my whole life living in NYC! So fabulous and modern!

Don't be intimidated by this, but you should totally visit Brooklyn. Down by the Williamsburg Bridge (or even the Brooklyn Bridge Park) is a great spot for relaxing and looking at the Manhattan skyline. One secret I keep, though, is Red Hook (by Fairway…great food and views).

Your Friend, Jess


I love the High Line! One of my favorite places that's good for just going on a stroll at sunset or sitting and reading a book (similar to the high line) is the Battery Park City promenade. It sits right on the water and has a gorgeous view of the Hudson and NJ, you can even see the Statue of Liberty.
It's definitely a place I recommend. 🙂

Anna Selian

I discovered the High Line last December and fell in love with it instantly even though it was freezing that day! If you haven't yet, you should check out the tenth avenue cookshop (on 10th ave and 20th) which is near one of the high line entrances. It's one of my favorite breakfast/brunch spots in the city.

Wesley Cogan

Oh the High Line. A piece of landscape architecture that has been the topic du jour of my circle for a while now (I'm a landscape architecture major).

Another wonderful piece of landscape architecture in the city is Paley Park! It's a little pocket park tucked away from the busy street, complete with a huge waterfall wall that blocks out all the noise! Perfect to just get away and relax for a bit. It is a must!