Fall Bucket List

With fall officially here, I’m so ready to tick off a few things from this bucket list. I like to write things down because the months and seasons fly by. Nothing worse than getting to the end of the season and realizing that I forgot to do half of the things I planned.

Some of these are repeats from last year’s version, but they’re just too good to pass up. Yearly traditions that I just love.

Fall Bucket List

Ah!! Even just typing out this list gets me excited for fall adventures!!! What’s the fall activity that you’re looking forward to the most?

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I lived in New Orleans for years- let me know if you want tips! Also, Joy the Baker lives there and did this incredible post of places she likes:

You’re going to love it, but you’ll love it more if you don’t do just the gross, boozy stuff like Bourbon Street and instead do some of the great stuff like going to Delachaise for wine in an old train car or Royal Street for antiques and tiny stores.

Anyway- happy to give more tips if you’re interested!


Just rented an Airbnb in Asheville for my fall break in November with four of my best friends! So excited.

Tracy Schwartz

Visit a Corn Maze
Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey!
Snapping photos of the amazing foliage throughout New Jersey!

Take a trip to visit friends in CT and Boston!


A trip to VT is a MUST for fall in New England! I’m dying to get up there and get some maple syrup, look at foliage, and have maple soft serve ice cream (aka cremee, aka the best thing ever).

Carmel Elizabeth

Love this! I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch in years, but I’d love to do it again this year! Top goal for me is to go apple picking. Because I love apple picking. <3


Your Fall Bucket List sounds perfect! I plan to do some baking with pumpkin, taking a ton of long walks, and decorating a pumpkin based on my favorite movie! I can hardly wait!


I love the idea of slowcooker Sundays! I love pulling my crockpot out when fall rolls around every year – ready to make apple sauce and soups!


My hubs makes a rad pulled pork that’s done in a slow cooker with apple juice. It would be super yummy to swap apple cider in for the juice and would have a great fall flavor, if you’re into slow cooker roasts.


I will go to the Netherlands this Autumn and since I come from a country that doesn’t have Starbucks, I will go for a pumpin spice latte. 🙂


Ah! I’m getting so excited that fall is here. We have a few of the same things on our to-do list. In our house we’ve been implementing Soup Sunday (but I may try and pitch Slow Cooker Sunday), because it’s easy to throw a hearty soup together with the odds and ends left over from the week and it just makes the house smell delicious all day long.

I also am hoping to go to a pumpkin patch, have a pumpkin decorating party, bake something with apples, and take a scenic “leaf peeping” drive since I live in a part of the state that is renowned for its fall foliage.

I already knocked “have a PSL” off my to-do list!

Maitland Frilot

I’ve lived in New Orleans my entire life, except when I went away for college. You must go to one of the essential New Orleans restaurants to eat: Galatorie’s, Commander’s, Antoine’s, Brennan’s. Note, that if you go to Galatoire’s do NOT make a reservation, but get there around 6 to get a table. If you make a reservation, you’ll be seated upstairs and miss out on the experience.

For lunch/dinner:
Napoleon house (New Orleans classics)
Magasin (Vietnamese)
Parkway bakery and tavern (Best Po Boy)
Rum House
Café Degas
Crepe Nanou
St. James Cheese Company
New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood
Dat Dog
Port of Call
Milk Bar
Red Fish Grill
Shaya (James Beard Award Best New Restaurant – make a reservation early because they’re hard to get)
Caribbean Room at the Pontcartrain Hotel (I haven’t been but I’ve heard amazing things and there are great Instagram opportunities. Make sure to visit the rooftop bar for the view!)

Ruby Slipper
Court of Two Sisters

La Boulangerie
Angelo Brocato’s
Creole Creamery (they use a higher fat content than most ice creams)
Croissant D’Or

Places to shop:
French quarter/Downtown – Canal place mall, Chartres street (specifically Hemline and UAL)
Uptown – Magazine street

Feel free to email me for more recommendations!


Have you tried caramel apple pops? Same principle as caramel apples, but you core the apple and slice it into rounds to put on sticks instead of the whole thing. Pinterest has some GREAT recipes for it. I like it because I personally find it much more manageable to eat in one go than a while caramel apple. Happy Autumn-ing!

Sydney L.

Fingers crossed for a New Orleans meet and greet! Remember fall temps probably won’t exist here so pack accordingly! If you need any tips about NOLA, I’d be happy to help!


I’m going to be in Vermont this weekend and New Orleans in I absolutely cannot wait!! Hopefully you get to make it to both also!


Carly! Vermont is a great place to visit, our leaves will peak in foliage this year by October 10th. I just did a weekend in Jay, which is super North but on route 100 (the most scenic route in VT, that connects to Stowe and Killington.) Burlington is also beautiful this time of year! Have fun!


Vermont is so charming! Manchester is the greatest. Since you are a book lover, you must visit the Northshire Bookstore there. I’ve always loved Woodstock and Stowe, too, and Burlington, of course.


I’m clearly planning WAY ahead here, but I’m hoping to get some leaf peeping done this fall- do you have any tips or even an itinerary you followed? I’ll be travelling from San Francisco to New England! Thanks in advance!