I have to share these photos before we turn the calendar to December! My friend Sam and I so wish we lived closer to each other– but it’s always a good excuse for us to “meet in the middle” in NYC. We’ve been going to Central Park and it’s the perfect place to get a walk in with a girlfriend, let the kids play, and get some cute photos along the way.

We finally got a date on the calendar to make it happen and we lucked out with a stunning day. It made me think about how I drove into the city with a baby who was only a couple of weeks old. Looking back, I can’t believe I did that… but it was also such an affirming event as a new mom. Sam gave me such confidence during that city visit! I followed her lead with breastfeeding in public (I was terrified to do it at first!) and handling a crying baby when I felt a little overwhelmed. Being there with the baby-turned-toddler and Sam and her two kids made me take stock of just how far I’ve come!!

As much fun as I have with Sam, Jack has just as much fun with Sam’s children Peter and Kit! Kit and Jack are only a few months apart and Peter is basically Jack’s idol right now. Jack wanted to do everything Peter did– from scoping out squirrels and going down the slide at the park.

Jack also got his first taste of a NYC pretzel. (Which was hard as rock and absolutely disgusting but at least he had fun holding it!)

Such a simple day– nothing more than pretzels and leaves and squirrels– but it felt like a special day!


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