I know it’s still hot out, but…. fall is so close I can taste it. I’ve already posted about fall outfit ideas (I’m SO impressed with J.Crew’s assortment) but I’m in the mood to cover some fall wedding guest dresses too. Depending on where you are in the season, the weather can be drastically different, but regardless I think the color palette and a few accessories can make all the difference.

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

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Navy Bows // Dark Florals // Marigold Shift // Navy Lace // Emerald Satin

Black Organza // Black Embellished // Floral Ribbon Ellie // Black Off-the-Shoulder // Emerald Ruffles

I have to start with navy bows, mais bien sûr! I think this dress works well as fall wedding attire, but really you can wear it for any season with the right styling. The bows may not work for me, but smaller chested people should scoop it up! This floral midi is busy, but the mix of moody colors keep it from being too much so. I’d keep the rest of the outfit simple to balance it out. If you like this marigold dress, you should get it ASAP because it’s going to sell out! Marigold is one of the colors of the season and it’s really growing on me. Emerald is another one that’s big right now, which I’m thrilled about because it’s definitely one of my more flattering shades. I love it on this sophisticated and timeless silhouette.

Black organza feels really right for a fall wedding guest dress, and I love how Tuckernuck uses it to make this everyday dress look more formal. Another Tuckernuck favorite is this black embellished dress! The crystals are so fun and I can actually imagine it on my friend Venita. This taffeta nap dress is the perfect of what to wear to a fall wedding with a quickly growing bump. The floral ikat is stunning and you know I can’t resist a darling bow (or two)! Because this off-the-shoulder dress is made of cotton, I think it’d be ideal for an early fall celebration. All of the ruffles are too cute and definitely elevate the fabric. Finally, another emerald option, plus some more ruffles (!). A nice and simple silhouette with a little something extra.


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Hi! Thank you so much for compiling these:) this is more of a fashion advice question, but do you think the floral midi (“Dark Florals”) is appropriate for a wedding with a dress code of semi-formal/garden party? The wedding is in the evening, at a botanical garden. I have that dress and can confirm it is very fun and comfortable. I’d appreciate anyone’s input!