Family Vacation

I’ve always loved family vacations, but now they’re even more special. Being so far away is super hard for me honestly, but I love being able to have the flexibility to take a week off and join my family for a week of fun and relaxation.
I’m so thankful to have such a great family. I don’t know what I would do without them and being able to see everyone all together is my favorite– a beautiful location is just a bonus and the fact that we can be around each other for a long time without cellphone service without driving ourselves mad is just the greatest.
The beach isn’t my favorite (although I was craving some sun after these Polar Vortexes) so I try to get my family to get into some activities. But we still like to take it easy, nothing too crazy for us!
Apologies for the Dominican Republic picture overload, but first a video! I got my sister a GoPro before her trip to Australia last year… we had so much fun with it. (Mostly, my dad and I had fun with it haha!)
The palm trees were my favorite part. Maybe the concrete jungle is really getting to me, but I could have stared up into the sky looking at the trees forever. Florida beaches have palm trees, but they’re not right on the beach. So. Pretty.
Day one. I’m so glad I impulsed bought this Lilly bathing suit. I didn’t even try it on and crossed my fingers it would fit. Obsessed! Please note, I thought I had properly sunscreened up, but I missed my entire arm. How does that happen?! The sun was so strong and I really did my best, but burned anyway.
Porter Magazine on the beach? The perfect way to spend a Monday morning, if you ask me!
And I mean, my mom is literally the cutest. I snapped this after coming back with banana smoothies!
Can I just say how I think having a sister is the best thing in the world? I’m so glad to have Stacy in my life! Love her so much and we have too much fun together. Going through life with a built-in friend is literally the best. (J. Crew sailboat bathing suit.)
For some reason I thought wind surfing would be a great idea. It ended up being fun when I got the hang of it, but OMG I was so sore. I’m not athletic whatsoever and getting control of that thing was really difficult and I was sore for days.
These people
Horseback riding on the beach? SO MUCH FUN. Again, we were all super sore and I got even more sunburned. But way worth it. We rode right on the beach!
The pool was the perfect place to recover from the activities and the sun.


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The video was so cute! I really want a GoPro now… The Dominican Republic is one of my favorite places to vacation. I just went last November with my mom & sister and couldn't get enough of the warm weather, palm trees, and fresh food. Glad you had the time of your life! At least New York isn't *that* cold now, right?



Gah that sounds just so nice right now! I'm dying for a beach vacation. Love that last photo with your toes in the pool!!


The beach looks wonderful. My parents and brother are talking about another cruise later this year and I'm bummed I won't be able to join them. I'll be in grad school, so I won't be able to miss classes.

Heather Boone

I went to the Barcelo Bavaro Beach resort in January for my honeymoon and loved it! The weather and beach were just perfect every day, so glad you had such a wonderful vacation. thanks for the lovely post!