Fancy Flats

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or that I’m getting more comfortable with my body in general or that I moved to Connecticut. But I rarely want to wear a pair of heels anymore. I rarely do wear a pair of heels. I might stick a pair in my tote to slip into before a meeting, but they’re not the shoes I even eye that much when shopping. (That last part isn’t totally true… I lust over them, but then remember how I probably won’t wear them that often.)
With holiday parties kicking off next week (how?! kinda excited though!), I think I’m going to be skipping heels altogether. Luckily there are too many cute fancy flats options to choose from:
I really love them all. I wish they could all magically appear in my closet so I could have plenty of options when a fun event popped up. I actually love that these can all be worn casually with jeans during the day and then worn with a LBD for a fancy night out.

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Audrey Lin

I don't wear flats very often because I have wide feet and it's difficult for me to find a pair that fits well, but I'm obsessed with those navy fox velvet slippers! Weirdly enough, I've been wearing heels more than I used to. I'm on the shorter end of the scale, so I'll take any height I can gain! I used to be self-conscious about wearing heels, especially when hearing the clickety-clack below me, because I didn't think they fit my "image" in high school, but now at college with a fresh start, a fresh mind, and no "image" to live up to (an "image" that's probably all in my head anyway), I'm living it up and wearing whatever the heck I want! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's