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Question… do you guys use fancy shampoo or regular brands from the drug store?
My hair is the longest it’s ever been. Not only do I feel like I have to use so much more shampoo, but I feel like what shampoo I use can really make a difference. Certain kinds make my hair limp and others make it crazy fluffy.
One of my favorite parts about going to DryBar or getting my hair cut is having someone else wash my hair. It’s the best! I also am always so tempted to get the shampoo they use because my hair always smells and feels amazing.
I’ve been using Clear shampoo for years now and while I love it, I feel like I kind of want to “upgrade” to a fancy one… but I’m curious as to which route to go and if I should at all!
Drug store shampoo or fancy shampoo?
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I have long, thick, curly hair and the routine I have found that works best for me is I use the Pantene for curly hair, then I use the Redken all soft shampoo, then the Redken conditioner for curly hair, and then I use evo liquid curls leave in conditioner, and wash my hair every other day.


Kim Topolewski

I get whatever brand I have a coupon for! Sometimes that's fancy stuff but more often than not it's Suave or another grocery/drug store find. Fancy shampoos may work really well, but they're way too expensive. I can use that money on something better, like really good food!

carelessly graceful


I alternate between washes. I use Clear Shampoo as my main shampoo and Loreal Conditioner, but depending on how much I was my hair each week I will usually switch it up and use a more expensive brand Shampoo and Conditioner. I currently am switching back and forth between two higher end shampoo's and conditioners. On days where my hair is dry and brittle I use the Moroccan Oil brand. For more of a daily use shampoo and conditioner I use Oribe Brilliance and Shine. The price tag may scare you away at first but it is the most amazing hair product line I have ever used! Don't let the small bottle size scare you away either. A little goes a long way.


It depends on the ingredients in the shampoo. I've been using shampoos without SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) for three years, and conditioners without silicones (dimethicone) for three years. SLS dries your hair out, and silicones coat it too much. However, I've recently went back to using silicone-conditioners because my hair is long and without the slick-iness of silicones, they get tangled and dried out (your hair feels soft and manageable after a wash because of a higher silicone content in certain brands which coat the hair in slippery silicon-y goop) Since I am using silicones, I need an SLS shampoo to wash them out later, because silicones need harsher chemicals to wash them out. Too much silicones will weigh your hair down. I never put conditioner on my roots, only the ends for that same reason, silicones clog and can cause hair to fall out over time. For that reason I don't pay attention to brand, as much as ingredients.

Taylor Cunningham

I'm literally obsessed with Sojourn shampoo and conditioner – on my third set of bottles!! My hair is super smooth, never greasy or heavy, and can stand up to the ridiculous amount of heat styling that I subject it to!

Michaela Reynolds

Shaklee shampoo is amazing. Its all natural and doesn't clog your head with strong scents. Perfect for my long brown hair that is always in the sun from sailing everyday.

Sarah Hafley

I think it really depends on your hair type and how you like to style your hair. I have wavy hair that tends towards the drier side, and I've been really happy with Redken products. I tried the Color Extend when my hair was dyed, and now I'm using the All Soft line, I love it. Gives my hair a lot of moisture and shine, and it feels so so soft. I also use a clarifying shampoo once a month to get rid of product buildup, since I use a few serums twice a week.

Rachel A

I was always taught that your shampoo doesn't particularly matter, because you wash it right down the drain after a couple of minutes. However, if you want to splurge, conditioner is the route to go, since it sits on your hair a treats it longer than shampoo. I personally use herbal essence's Long Term Relationship (my hair is crazy long and curly!), but I picked up the new L'oreal Total Repair 5 line, and I'm in LOVE. Especially with the hair balm and the dry oil spray.


I bought the cheapest stuff for YEARS. A few weeks ago, I decided to splurge and bought Biolage. Consider me turned; it has made such a huge difference in my hair, and it makes blow drying a breeze (like, I actually do it now). I am waiting for my cheaper conditioner to run out so I can splurge on that as well. Just for reference, I don't use any products because I am the laziest person alive and leave for work at 6 am, so anything that cuts drying time and makes me feel put together is a win.


I think it makes a huge difference! My hair is down to my bra strap in the back, so very long, and I tried to go down in quality of shampoo over the summer and it coated my hair with gunk and made it so heavy I couldn't even curl it. I switched back to my normal line up of Pureology hydrate shampoo, Moroccan Oil volume conditioner, and use Moroccan Oil's strengthening mask every other week, and it is so much better. 🙂

Katherine L

I have thickish, curly hair that, when straight, reaches to the small of my back. I find a good shampoo can really make a difference, but what's really important is the nozzle in the shower. I (very unfortunately) have one that is mounted to the wall with a medium spray. What's best for your hair is the ones you find at a hair salon, the kinds you can remove from their holder and get really close to the scalp. This way, you can remove all shampoo residue.

Aside from a small bathroom renovation, I use Redkin All soft, Bumble and Bumble thickening shampoo and conditioner, and Bumble and Bumble Sunday shampoo once a week. I strongly recommend using the sunday cleanser once to twice a week. If your someone like me who needs a lot of product on a daily basis to prevent a head full of frizzy, unruly hair, this is a great product. My hair feels amazingly soft and thick after each use. It says not recommended for colour treated hair, but I found it never faded mine, which is unfortunate because I bought it to fade a poor colour choice.


I have colour treated hair (it's red…well I should say it has natural auburn tones so I hold onto colour a little bit better) and rotate between John Frieda's Red products and Loreal's Colour Vibrancy. I have thick and quite naturally wavy hair, so I share your pain!

I really love both of those! Suave's Moroccan shampoo & conditioner are GREAT too (I know they're less expensive than Clear lol).

Honestly, I find that the products I use after a shower make a bigger difference. I've been using Garnier's argan oil along with their humidity milk for the best results.


I swear by Biolage Smooththérapie shampoo and conditioner. I have a lot of hair and it's about 2 feet long. South Carolina summers are humid and its great at smoothing my hair out but also great for keeping in moisture in winter. The real difference maker is moroccanoil, 2 pumps on towel dried hair from ears to roots and my hair looks amazing.

Kaitlyn A. Sykes

I personally think paying attention to your hair's specific needs and finding a shampoo/conditioner routine that serves that is the most important thing.

For example, I have very thick, long, and smooth hair, and the water in my apartment building is extremely chlorinated. I'm currently using drugstore hair care products. I first use Live Clean's Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Shampoo to try and remove any build up from chlorine. I then use Live Clean's Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner– I like it because the argan oil it contains really helps my hair stay moisturized. After my shower, just before I blow dry my hair, I use Macademia Healing Oil Treatment to add even more nourishment and to help protect my hair from overdrying and split ends from blow drying.

I have used the Kérastase Bain Volumactive (and some other products in the Resistance line) in the past. They are fantastic higher-end products and I would highly recommend them (they're what my hairdresser usually uses on me, too). While I LOVE them, shampoo and conditioner is not something I want to spend a lot of money on, and I find my drugstore products work just as well, if not better.

Jannatul Rahamoni

great question!! I think it depends on your hair concern.
Recently I asked pantene about some advice and according to my unhealthy , frizzy, color damaged hair they advised me to use volumizing shampoo, anti-frizz conditioner and good Bb cream for hair.

Angela Fader

The one time I did let the salon convince me into buying one of their expensive shampoos, it didn't last that long and really didn't seem worth the splurge, I felt as if I was getting the same results as I had been with my drugstore shampoo. It wasn't worth the money for me.

Jennifer S.

One thing I will say is that it's totally possible to get a "fancy" shampoo for less cost than drugstore shampoo. I don't know if you have an Ulta near you (you have to go in store; can't order online), but twice a year they have an amazing sale on litres of shampoo and conditioner with certain big name fancy brands, so I think I end up paying 30 dollars for one shampoo and one conditioner and that lasts me, personally, over a year. I used the Joice K-Pak for two years and really loved that; it gives a great amount of moisture. I've recently started using the Loreal Everpure line after hearing lots of great stuff about it from Youtube beauty gurus because I thought the Joico was actually giving me a little too much moisture now that I'm only showering and styling my hair ever 2-4 days, rather than every day like I had been doing before.



I use a drugstore brand. I found the biggest thing is using sulfate free shampoo. It makes my hair super soft and has really tamed the frizz.

Katy Z

I use fancy shampoo. Salon shampoo is highly concentrated so you don't need to put as much in your hand as you would with a drugstore shampoo so it actually lasts longer. I use Frederic Fekkai and love it. I have used salon shampoo the majority of my life (like even as a child, my mom made me use it). When I have switched to drugstore I have noticed a HUGE negative difference.

I get the largest bottle of Frederic Fekkai and it lasts me almost 2 years. So I actually spend less money on shampoo than people who buy it from the grocery store. It's a common misconception that you spend more money! I also get the huge bottles of Aveda conditioner and it lasts me 2 years as well. If you do get the salon ones, be sure and read how long it is good for on the bottle. If it says 24 months, then you are good to go!


I have long, thick, curly hair, and TresSemme Naturals sulfate-free shampoo is the best – it doesn't make my hair frizzy or dried out. Read the ingredients on your hair products! A lot of fancy shampoo is expensive but contains the same ingredients as drug store shampoos.


I would say to stick with a solid drugstore shampoo, and look to upgrade to a a fancier conditioner. There are tons of great drugstore shampoos that work just as well as more expensive ones. Having a nice conditioner, however, makes a huge difference.

Ashley B

I use Alterna's caviar shampoo and conditioner and I cannot say enough good things about it! It is pricier but my hair has fewer split ends and more shine. Also a little goes a long way so a bottle lasts me 6 months!

Ashley | History in High Heels

Kate Reid

I use the Tony&Guy ones for fine hair. I have fine hair, but a lot of it, and that one stops it going fluffy without it being heavy and flat


I love Living Proof's hair products. I use the "Full" shampoo and "Damaged" conditioner, and the conditioner is amazing. It really hydrates my hair but it doesn't weigh it down, like most conditioners do. But I've found the largest difference in my hair when I switched to sulfate free hair products.


The salons I've been to in the last 3 years all use Pureology products which smell like PURE HEAVEN. They leave this wonderful aromatherapy type mint scent in my hair and I love it. Also Pureology products are across the board hands down wonderful, if you haven't tried them you should. BUT I have to wash my hair everyday and go through shampoo quite quickly. So unfortunately since liters of Pureology shampoos are $60, I can't justify the expensive (as I go through liters quite quickly). I have fallen in love with, quite surprisingly so, this suave shampoo and find it to have such a delightful comforting smell in the morning. I swap it up with a salon shampoo which also helps keep my hair from getting too bogged down from one product. And at $4 a bottle, it doesn't hurt to give this a try!


I use Acure Organics shampoo and conditioner. I've tried every one they offer… (Moroccan Argan Oil + Argan Stem Cell, Pure Mint + Echinacea, and now Lemongrass + Argan Stem Cell) and I love them all. For the longest time I used regular store brands like Tresemme, but once I started trying to grow my hair out two years ago, I felt like I was getting nowhere. It always felt dry and unhealthy, so I tried switching to an organic shampoo to see if it was the chemicals that were stopping my hair from growing.

Turns out, they were. My hair has never been healthier, and I haven't gotten a trim since May. It's so worth the money to invest in organic shampoo, in my opinion. I really recommend Acure. And if you order from their website, you can find coupon codes for free shipping AND they ship EXTREMELY fast.

Ashley Adele Deutsch

I live by my Aveda shampoos. I switch between damage remedy and moisturizing shampoo/conditioners to make sure my hair has body and repair any damage I do to it. Since switching the most I have gotten cut is half an inch every six months. It's perfect.

Amber Lee Rosenzweig

I can most definitely tell a difference when I use drug store shampoo. I did it on vacation this summer for 3 days and then scoped out a sephora because it just wasn't working. I love Kiehl's Formula 132, Aveda, and Kerastase, and I also tried the Alterna this summer during that particular incident with good results. It really depends on hair type though as to which one in particular you use though within a range. I change when I go to the states and London because the water is so different and I know when that even between friends or my sister we can't all use the same thing. That all being said the one exception that I will concede is the Aveeno shampoo and conditioners. They are actually pretty good and really inexpensive!


It totally depends on your hair, and some drugstore brands are definitely better than others so it's worth experimenting. All shampoos will leave some kind of buildup, so using a different brand (or getting your hair washed at dry bar) once in a while helps clear out the buildup. FWIW, I have long thick blonde hair with some natural wave, and it likes the long term relationship line from Herbal Essences. I'm more inclined to splurge on conditioner and styling products, so I use Ojon conditioner, Oscar Blandi Pronto dry shampoo on days between washes bc it gives great volume, a quinoa protein complex from Aveda that keeps the ends healthy, and an argan oil finishing serum for shine and frizz control. I've got my eye on Perfect Hair Day from Living Proof to see if I can get down to one styling product since I travel so much.

Anna Tselevich

Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Lavender and Mint is simply amazing. Its a perfect medium between the fancy/drugstore! IT also smells sooo good. I give it a A+!


I go back and forth with the shampoos I use. However, if you're going to splurge, I recommend splurging on a conditioner! The shampoo you'll rinse out right away, but conditioner sets on your hair longer and stays around longer after your shower!


I was having a serious issue with shampoos for a while, I felt like my hair was constantly greasy and I was trying so many different shampoos. At the end of September I started using LUSH I love Juicy and haven't looked back. I no longer use conditioner, just a CHI silk infusion when I get out of the shower. Goodluck Carly I know how tough it can be to find something that works!

Charlotte R.

Nothing like Oribe! Every single one of their products is amazing. They smell fabulous too. You won't regret spending the extra dollar for Oribe! xoxo


I rotate shampoos every day (between 3-4 of them, depending on how much I have left). That way, you can maintain a staple, like Clear, but also rotate in a few others. It's also a great thing to do while you are finding a "fancy" shampoo that works, as you can buy a travel-size bottle and sample it first. Currently in my rotation I have Brilliant Brunette, Clear and 2 "fancy" shampoos. Plus your shower will always smell amazing!

Allison Abernathy

I keep a couple in my shower, but what really matters more than drugstore vs. branded is SULFATE FREE. Currently, I'm rotating between TIGI S-Factor Smoothing (so thankful for Beauty Brand's liter sale), L'Oreal EverPure Volume, and L'Oreal EverPure Moisture.


I have medium length straight hair with long layers, and I alternate between Herbal Essences and stealing my boyfriend's Clear for Men! I absolutely love how HE smells and makes my hair feel – not to mention the price! For some strange reason, fancy shampoos always make my hair feel gross, so I'll stick to whatever I can get at my local drugstore/Target.

The Burt's Bees gud Vanilla shampoo and conditioner is also wonderful! 🙂 Good luck!

Jessica Smith

My favorite is Joico's K-Pac and Lanza for Keratin treated hair.

And it is ok to use drugstore brands as long you as you the pH! Your hair ranges from a pH of 4.5 to 5.5 which is slightly acidic. A lot of cheap shampoos are very basic and then are counteracted by an extremely acidic conditioner – this often causes damage to hair particles leading to breakage. Try to pick out a shampoo and conditioner with a pH close to 5 to prevent this!

Alexandra Gill

I've always lived by this rule-

Drug Store shampoo/conditioner. I go for Dove. Cheap and wonderfully moisturizing. Ulta also carries a line called Eva NYC and they have a great clarifying shampoo for less that $10 (Awesome styling tools too- I have the hairdryer and the flatiron).

I spend my money on products. Products stay in your hair all day long. Shampoo and conditioner touched your hear for maybe 5 minutes during the day. Why spend so much money on it? Invest in leave-in creams- like Living Proof's No Frizz Cream or Soy Renewal Oil from Healthy Sexy Hair. All of the stylists I've ever had have told me I have gorgeous hair, and I spend almost nothing on shampoo and conditioner. I even get my hair foiled every six weeks.

It's all about the product.


I just recently switched to Argan Oil Shampoo, it's amazing.

My hair is 24 inches long, past my middle of my back, long, dark, thick and curly.
As soon as I switched to this, I noticed a huge difference.
Less breakage, less hair coming out, and more shine & bounce.
My hair is the healthiest it's been in years thanks to this shampoo and its twin conditioner.

It also does not have sulfates that cause your hair to fall-out, unlike most shampoos.

Quinn Doyle

I usually find that shampoo doesn't really make much of a difference to my hair, but conditioner definitely does! It might be worth a shot using a fancy conditioner along with a normal drugstore shampoo to try it out and see how it makes your hair feel. If it works nicely it could save you some money! 🙂

Heather Price

I've been using Mane and Tail for over a year now, and my hair is so much healthier. It's also significantly cheaper than the brand names. Maybe I'm just cheap. ha.

Madylin Bates

I have extremely thick hair and I feel like I've tried everything. Loreal, Suave, Herbal Essences, Clear, Aveda, John Frieda, etc. I am currently using Healthy Sexy Hair and I love it. People who call salon or 'fancy' shampoo expensive don't know how to shop. I wait until the Ulta Liter sale and I get 6 months of Shampoo and Conditioner for $11 each. I am in no way dirty – I wash my hair every other day, sometimes more. I find a huge difference between the drugstore and the salon shampoo – as another reader mentioned, you salon shampoo is much more concentrated and I just feel it's a better investment. Also with the litter, you can buy a pump and its like portion control for shampoo! Sulfate and Paraffin free shampoo and conditioner is a must – I am in no way rich and my income is limited but I make an effort to invest in my health/beauty products. One thing people don't realize is that the sulfates in shampoo strip your hair of almost all oil. In turn you produce more oil, this becomes a cycle. When people switch sulfate free shampoo, our hair is used to the harsh chemicals and so there is all of a sudden an excess of oil and nothing to strip it away. Whenever I go somewhere and use other shampoo, when I get home it takes my hair a few days to adjust. This means a few days of annoying greasy hair. In the long run my hair has been sooo much healthier since I switched. So if you do go to something 'fancy' don't write it off if the first few days if it's a little greasy, give your hair time to adjust to the fact that all of a sudden all the excess oils it has had to produce to keep your hair healthy aren't being washed down the drain in a pile of suds. I am also very 'anti-product' so I use a heat protectant and sometimes a spray to hold it. A lot of commenters say 'you wash it down the drain anyway' I feel this logic is flawed because a lot of the time the shower is where we do the most damage to my hair.
Disclaimer: This was all explained to me by my hairdresser and not one trying to sell me their salon's expensive shampoo.

Grace Champlain Astrove

Sounds crazy but I've always used Head & Shoulders Classic Clean shampoo and conditioner. I don't have pretty normal hair (not too dry or oily and medium thickness and length) and it has always kept my hair balanced, fresh, shiny, and smelling classically clean.


I do love a lot of drugstore brands. There are gems hidden in amongst the different packaging of the same product. Shampoo though is something I don't skimp on, especially since I have long hair and a lot of it. I use pureology and have been nothing but impressed with every wash.

Emily Neie

I use Aveda scalp benefits. I just started using it a few months ago, and have seen a major difference in how soft and moisturized my hair has become. I think drug store vs salon is a personal decision. I tried every drug store shampoo under the sun and nothing gave me the benefits I needed, so I made the switch. It costs more, but it's worth it for me.


I made the switch to fancy shampoo and conditioner earlier this year. Drug store ones are apparently mostly just silicone and have little actual benefit other than straight cleaning. The great thing about the fancy stuff is it's concentrated, so you can use a lot less of it. I asked my stylist what would work for my curly (often dry) hair, and she made a recommendation from the Redkin line.

Sara Grace

I use Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner – it makes your hair SO soft and smells amazing! My hair is pretty easy, so when I'm trying to stretch my dollar, I can get by with Kirkland's Conditioner, but Moroccan Oil is the way to go! 🙂

Morgan Butts

I use Kenra shampoo & conditioner and I feel SO good after I use it! It smells so good, makes my hair so clean, soft, and shiny! I think it's definitely worth a try!


I use biology – it's about $18.00 at drug stores but you can get a massive bottle for $23 at Ulta, so I go there! I have very long hair – right now it's about 5 inches past my shoulders and I am still growing it out – and I always keep it long. Making sure your ends stay healthy is so important, a serious split end situation can cost you a solid 3-4 inches and a year of growing it out again if you have to clean them up. I also use a serum I buy at my salon to protect it from the heat of the blowdryer and curling iron. But really, I love Biolage and I think it is 100% worth the investment!!!


My hair only really needs to be shampooed every three or four days – I can go five if I don't use a lot of product – and I use conditioners that have been deemed 'conditioning washes' by the curly hair community. I really like the L'Oreal Ever(whatever) systems. I use EverCurl myself and it's only about $5/6 a bottle. I like their conditioner but it's a bit heavy without washing every day plus product buildup so I only use it once a week if that – I've gone through two bottles of shampoo to one conditioner. I use Tresemme Naturals conditioner every day but I also really like the super cheap VO5 cleansing conditioners for days when my hair is feeling a bit dingy but doesn't need a full shampoo yet, you have to use a bit more than usual because it's not super concentrated but it's only about $1 a bottle. I really like the Organix lines but I always felt like I needed to wash every other day with them – too much silicone for my hair. The silicone is probably what causes your hair to be limp and too many sulfates/detergents are what cause all that fluff. Pay attention to your ingredient lists!


I've used a lot in my lifetime of long/thick hair. My hair isn't as thick anymore (thanks, age) but still pretty long. I haven't been big on highlights or damaging color in the last several years – which helps a LOT – but I do get a good rinse to keep my hair looking healthy. I recently "upgraded" my hair care to these two pairs of shampoo/conditioner. I alternate depending on the kind of dirty my hair is, or how I'm planning on styling it. Caviar Body Anti-Aging Bodybuilding Volume Shampoo/Conditioner, and Healthy Sexy Hair Color Safe Soy Moisturizing Shampoo/Conditioner. No matter which I use, I also use the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal oil before I blow it dry. It's amazing!

Nothing ever works the same for everyone, so I do recommend trying travel sizes of a few kinds and see what you like best! That's how I ended up with the HealthySexyHair…

A Styled Student

The best thing you can do is switch up your shampoo! I use a nice salon shampoo & conditioner most of the week and a clarifying drug store brand after I've been doing a lot of styling…it really helps. It's kind of like working out, if you always use the same shampoo, your hair gets used to it & won't respond to it any more. 🙂


I splurge on shampoo. I have thin, dry hair and a whole lot of it so most drug store shampoos I've tried either leave my hair a tangled mess or heavy with product. My holy grail has been Pureology hydrating shampoo and conditioner. It's the only thing that works for me. That being said, I think it totally depends on hair type. I know people who swear by drug store brand shampoo over any high end stuff.


I really love my John Frieda for brunettes and it reasonable cheap. I tried more expensive shampoos and did not see any differences, but I would stay away from supermarket shampoos – that's awful. But there are a few tricks that make the hair beautiful that are as important as the shampoo:
– don't use a lot of shampoo and always mix with some water before applying,
– you have to be brave, but using cold water to wash your hair make wonders,
– apply termal water after washing, it neutralizes water with calcium,
– never be lazy on drying the hair, because if dry and moist hair mix you get frizz,
– finalize your brush with the cold air of the dryer,
– use a oil – i LOOOVE moroccanoil it's perfect and worth every dime,
– now and them use a deep cleaning shampoo,
– once a week use a cream, like kerastase,and leave for like half a hour..

and that's a few steps that I can recall now! Not a piece of cake!


I've been using Jessica Alba's Honest Company shampoo and conditioner and it's absolutely the best shampoo for my hair I have ever used. Ever. It makes my hair so soft and has a nice, light orange cream smell. My sister who has very, very naturally curly hair does not like it though as it makes her hair fluffy so it does depend on your hair type for sure. But it's an eco-friendly product which makes it even better in my opinion! 🙂

Stephanie Bush

I like using fancy shampoo, but I usually buy them when beauty brands or ulta has their 1 liter sales. I don't know if you have beauty brands in ny but they have half price big liters annually

Julia D.

I absolutely love any Aveda products. They smell amazing, don't test on animals, and are completely natural and healthy for your hair!

Rebecca Lemos

I LOVE Redken shampoo…it smells great and makes my hair super soft…I always switch out which one I use depending on the season (anti-frizz for winter etc.). I have found that the drugstore shampoos really dry my hair out and my hair does't style as better. With quality shampoo, sometimes I only have to put one product in, air dry and done. With drugstore, I spend so much more time on my hair! I always wait till a place like Ulta or Sephora has a sale on the REALLY big bottles (i suggest getting a pump for them!). So worth the extra money 🙂

matty blanca

My hair was looking pretty dried out due to highlighting. I have used Aveda products for years. I need something different!! I'm glad I took the chance on Shielo products after reading the reviews! I also purchased the Shielo Restoration Oil, and it too, is fantastic. And, the big bonus… it costs less than Aveda & they have certified organic ingredients.